Communicating hotel theming through video marketing

To attract new customers and to capture the attention of old ones, communicating hotel theming through video marketing...

As you may already know first hand, the conventional sun and beach offer is becoming obsolete. In recent years, themed hotels have been essential for chains to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Therefore, it has once again become necessary to attract new customers and to capture the attention of old ones. To achieve this, we give you the ultimate solution:communicating hotel theming through video marketing..

Consumers now need to discover and experience unique and personalized experiences, which is why classic packages and trips have become outdated. In part, this is due to the influence of the Internet and in particular to the multitude of tourist experiences that thousands of users capture in their videos.

Obviously, this differentiation, which brings added value to the chain, also means that the hotel sector must invest not only in improving its product, but also in the most effective ways of communicating it. Without the projection and visibility of this new theming, hotels lose the opportunity to increase their profitability and leave everything to chance.

That’s where video marketing comes in. We know that video is the best way to to anticipate the experiences that tourists are going to live. We know this because video is the content format that users prefer to consume.

Hotel theming with video marketing

Each audience segment has particular needs and requires the production of a different audiovisual. For example, if your hotel opts for a natural active sports theme, and the type of facilities is perfect for couples, the informative video to be produced should feature a couple experiencing the outdoor activities you offer.


In other words, hotels that have themed their products and offer their guests environments, decorations, services or activities related to a specific theme must take into account both the geographical and cultural factors of the hotel and the psychosocial factors of its target market. 


Informative videos about the products offered favor conversion rates. In addition to being more attractive to consumers, they also generate more trust and confidence in the offer and help in the purchase decision.

On the other hand, users are at the same time prosumers, i.e. consumers-producers of content that can benefit your chain. Their testimonial videos favor engagement  and contribute to SEO. With the added advantage that it is easy for the retailer to measure which products are most interesting in order to optimize its offer.

Thus, video marketing is the best method to strengthen the bond between hotel and customer. It is the most profitable content marketing formula to be chosen by the hotelier. Because the video is able to show the new product, its values and an identity with which users can identify.

…And so, this audiovisual experience is only surpassed by the actual experience of the consumer.

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