How video marketing influences tourism

From creative videos, testimonials... tourism video marketing will play a leading role in all stages of the customer journey.

In recent years we have seen how the travel industry has been integrating the use of video to help build better user relationships, educate and convert consumers, and improve customer satisfaction.

From creative videos, customer testimonials and customized product demonstrations, tourism video marketing will have a key role at all traveler stages in 2016.

Most consumers say that watching product videos gives them more confidence in making a pre-booking decision. Online shopping is a risky business, especially in the travel industry, as purchasing a returnable item is not the same as booking a vacation.

In addition, as a tourism company you must keep in mind that the consumer is an excellent vehicle to promote your products. Users love to share experiences and, even more, to consume them in video format. This helps the website, bookings and loyalty.

Today, more than half of all online searches are conducted via mobile devices. The hospitality industry is already realizing the impact of mobile on the customer journey and the importance that video marketing will have as a strategy.

influence of video marketing in tourism from the customer journey

The customer journey cycle consists of six stages and, since travel is essentially a social activity, humans love to be able to share them all. In this context, tourism companies should consider what consumers are sharing at each stage.

Sharing the story of your hotel so that consumers can experience it  and feel identified before traveling is key to get their attention and inspire them in the first place. But generating this content is only part of the equation. It is necessary to understand what motivates the consumer at each stage, what generates doubts or concerns, what excites or discomforts him, etc.

Conveying a story that connects with the consumer at every stage is what’s really powerful. The most influential videos will range from the most informative and short to the most testimonial and demonstrative. Also remember that this content does not have to be self-produced.

Throughout the cycle, social media and user-generated content (especially video) must be taken into account. Constant updates and feedback with consumers are essential to reinforce the dissemination of the online video that best suits each stage.

Of all the content available, audiovisual content is the most effective when it comes to offering a product that aligns with the consumer’s needs at each stage. Studies have proven that users who consumed videos and 360 views boosted booking conversions by more than 150%. So, video marketing for tourism is the most attractive option!

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