Show, don’t tell! Five keys to Video Marketing in tourism

Video marketing is a very useful tool to build customer loyalty. These are the five keys to video marketing in tourism.

To all this, it should be added that YouTube, the popular video portal acquired by Google in 2006, is already the second largest search engine on the Internet with 2.6 billion searches and in 2018 it is estimated that online video will account for 84% of all Internet traffic. According to data from the Interactive Advertising Bureau, 78% of brands will invest in Video Marketing during 2015 and 49% of those that have already done so in previous years will increase their investment. So it’s clear that you can’t pass up this opportunity that video content offers you to boost your marketing strategy.

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However, as we like to be very clear and concrete, we give you six keys to why video content is important for your tourism business.

  1. Improve your brand awareness. Thanks to videos you will be able to inspire and impact your customers, using the key elements of your brand and generating through great stories an atmosphere with which to connect emotionally. Videos help your consumers to improve their knowledge of the products and services offered by your company. According to MultidivisionDigital 52% of users say that viewing videos about a company gives them more confidence in becoming a customer.

  2. It helps to improve the overall SEO of our website. It helps to generate more CTR ( Click Through Ratio) through rich results in Google and generating natural links. In fact, your visitor will stay longer on the website, further improving SEO positioning.

  3. It is an adaptive tool. The video can be used in different channels and with different formats. It is also perfect in mobile environments. In fact, most online video is consumed on mobile devices and then shared on social networks.

  4. Your brand story comes straight to you. Everyone has a story and with video you will ensure that it comes through in a targeted and clear way. Time is money, especially when it comes to Internet users. When someone is browsing and comes to us, we must be aware that they will not spend much time with us. If we offer a clear and fast video, they will get our message and if they like it, they are likely to convert.

  5. Increases conversion. Video achieves better ratios for brands that use it than those achieved by brands that do not use it and also reduces the costs to get quality users. According to Brightcove, conversion on sites that use video is at 4.8%, a figure that far exceeds that of sites that don’t use video (and which are down to a conversion rate of just 2.9%).


In short, these keys and different studies have confirmed the power of video as a sales dynamizer and as an element of consumer attraction. Video marketing is a very useful tool for building customer loyalty in the tourism sector. Not only will we attract new users, as we mentioned before, but it will also allow us to retain the ones we have, making them come back again and again.

So, if these six keys convince you, it’s time to include the new king in your digital marketing strategy: video. At Amara we are convinced and that is why we want to encourage you to see how we can help you create videos with which you will gain in traffic, conversion, improve your brand awareness and boost relationships with your users – customers.

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