How to make a viral video

What is the secret of a video going viral? Where does the magic formula lie?

Companies, large and small, do not live on the fringes of this phenomenon and viral video marketing is no longer an open secret. And, if it really works, it is an extremely economical way to advertise and with an unimaginable diffusion. where does the secret lie for a video to go viral? Is there a magic formula? We regret to say that no, this is not an exact science. What we do know and want to share with you are 3 tips that can help you. Take the pencil or write them down on your cell phone.

  • The video should be of short duration and high quality. Two indispensable requirements. By short duration we mean less than or equal to one and a half minutes.

  • The video should be a source of emotions and/or reactions. It must tell a story, in a creative way, but it must also generate some predetermined feeling that we want to transmit or generate in the users. This emotion or reaction can be either negative or positive… The important thing is that we are clear about what we want to say or provoke.

  • Make it an easily accessible video. How? Very simple, it allows easy sharing and embedding in any website. Thus, it will travel comfortably and easily through different social networks. Remember that it is not enough to make a good video, for it to go viral you must know how to position it… and don’t just think about Google. Youtube is fundamental. You can use Google Trends to know the search trends and choose the best title. Remember, the best. Don’t settle for just “one” title.

Viral Video Tricks

The business that is being generated around viral videos is so brutal and of such great dimensions that being a youtuber has not only become a profession, but there are people who are really making gold. Here you will find the most successful topics and the top youtubers. We anticipate thatmusic, gaming and sports are the contents that generate the most views. Pewdiepie is the most famous youtuber. Do you want to know how many followers he has? Are you sitting down? It closed 2014 with…40 million subscribers!!!! This generates an amount of money that I doubt he can spend on his own in his entire life… and he is young!


Pewdiepie is the alias of Felixc Arvid Ulf Kjelberg, a 26-year-old Swede who uploads on the net what happens to him while playing video games… According to SocialBlade (page to consult information and statistics of video reproductions), Pewdiepie has earned between 825,000 and 8.47 million dollars in the last year… How do you feel about it? Pewdiepie is followed by many others who succeed through video games.

But Holasoygerman, second on the top list, uses everyday humor to upload really funny videos. His name is Germán Garmendia, he is Chilean and 23 years old. His channel has almost 25 million subscribers, plus followers on Facebook and Twitter.

There is also a Spaniard on the top list. It’s ElrubiusomgRubén Doblas, a 24-year-old from Madrid, who in addition to being a youtuber has become one of the publishing phenomena of the year. In just five weeks, he has managed to sell 34,000 copies of the book “Troll” If you really want to succeed like them, the most important thing is to have desire and want to do innovative things… The secret of many great geniuses is precisely innovation. We don’t lack the desire to work and want to innovate! Now we can only dream that someday we will be famous youtubers, and we hope to be able to tell you about it.

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