Web of hotels to fall in love with

Conquer the Internet! Here are some examples of hotel websites that make you fall in love, winners of the prestigious awwwards award.

Awwwards is a recognized award that rewards the talent and effort of great web designers and agencies  from all over the world. Design Hotels is a chain of luxury boutique hotels located around the world that has achieved the first position.


With a spectacular design and a successful usability, this website has been recognized with a 7.33 average score. Design, creativity, usability and content are the 4 key factors that are scored on.

Jumeirah Inside is another award winner with a Burj Al Arab Jumeirah website. The website includes a welcome video that through subjective shots makes you feel like a real Arab sheikh. This site is highly visual.


You can virtually visit the hotel and, as a curiosity, we tell you that each guest receives a gold Ipad that serves as their personal “concierge”. This is how it is shown on the web.


The Italian website Rooms & Wine Bar has obtained 7 points in these awards with an extremely simple, clean and elegant design. The photography, very well taken care of, is one of its great attractions.


Usability is one of the most important features of a website. The Mallorcan hotel chain Garden Hotels is a clear example of success in usability. Its website, with a fantastic design, provides a simple, captivating and very intuitive experience.


Undoubtedly, a website must be fully updated. Click on this link and learn about the strategies to follow to modernize your hotel’s website. Don’t lag behind and do like Garden, build a website that presents your brand as it deserves.

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