What can a corporate magazine bring to your hotel chain?

Improve your marketing strategy by creating a corporate magazine for your hotel! Discover the benefits of having your own hotel magazine and some tips on how to work on it in our blog.

What is a hotel corporate magazine?

A corporate magazine is a prominent branded content format. Its benefits have been of benefit to different industries, and today, most well-known brands have their own branded magazines.

How did it start? A bit of history.

A hundred years ago, a John Deere tractor company chose a radical new way in the quest to get farmers’ attention: instead of paying for advertising or hiring salespeople, they decided to create a custom print magazine, called The Furrow. The magazine was designed to inform farmers about new trends and developments in the industry. The company has risen to fame, to date with more than 1.5 million copies distributed across 40 countries.


The success of John Deere’s company has motivated many to invest more in content marketing. Now, virtually every company that has a marketing strategy is working on creating quality content for their customers. Going hand-in-hand with content marketing, the branded content strategy helps create memorable associations with a brand. While there is a difference between content marketing and branded content, these two strategies together create a seamless connection for your marketing team.

Why create a corporate magazine for your hotel?

A corporate magazine serves many purposes. According to a 2013 Custom Content Council study, the main reasons to invest in publishing a magazine are customer education, retention and brand loyalty.

#1. Provide more value to your customers

Any service or product is about providing value. Hospitality is no exception. Hoteliers seek to achieve guest satisfaction not only by providing the value customers expect, but also by “wowing” them with unexpected services.
corporate magazine



Your hotel brand’s website can become just that: a “wow” effect during your guests’ stay.



However, not all corporate magazines provide value. Be sure to design a magazine in a way that provides your guests with educational content of interest, create articles in story formats on topics that are important to the customer. Don’t try to oversell your hotel; your magazine is not a commercial brochure. Include articles about the culture and history of your destinations, about art and music, about news that might interest your guests.

#2. Promote your brand

As part of branded content, your magazine is a means to promote your brand through personalized content. By choosing themes related to your destinations, the magazine will not only promote your hotel destinations, but also your own establishments.

corporate magazine



At the end of the day, a magazine represents the story a brand tells about itself




You can increase your brand’s reputation by informing your customers about your other properties and the different destinations where they are located. This way you are increasing the chances that, on a future occasion, your satisfied customers will choose your brand once again.

#3. Increase loyalty

Studies show that customers tend to trust brands less and less. To increase customer loyalty, you need to work on building strong and lasting relationships with them. We all know that the best strategy to increase trust is to use user-generated content. You can also leverage this format for your magazine.

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