What is employer branding? Learn about three success stories

Do you know about employer branding? It is a strategy that continues to expand in companies in all sectors, including the hotel sector. Find out what it is and how it can benefit your hotel.

What is employer branding and how can it benefit your hotel?

Are you familiar with the concept of employer branding? If you still don’t know why, today we are going to review it together.

You surely know the importance of showing an image of trust and professionalism to your customers, right? Because they want to trust you and thus choose your hotel to stay in. The same goes for your employees or job seekers: employees want to know the working philosophy of your hotel, feel proud of it and know that their talent will be well used.


For this reason, this concept born in the 1960s and expanded in the 1980s is a practice that continues to be carried out in many companies, and of course, also in the hotel sector. Hotels are increasingly aware that the main factor in standing firm against the competition is taking care of their most talented employees, of their confidence in the values of the company and in the security of knowing that their talent is valued. These values must also reach the professionals interested in working with you.

And how do you achieve that? Basically the same way you do with your clients: by creating your own brand, in this case as employer. And that’s the attitude you should maintain with your employees, giving them the same importance as your hotel’s customers: without them, your hotel wouldn’t have the value it has today.

Why? Because your employees are the best representation of your work philosophy. If your employees believe in your philosophy and feel integrated in your company, they themselves will be in charge of demonstrating it to others, both to their close circle and to professionals who want to know more about your hotel.

Therefore, taking care of your employees’ talent will help them continue to trust your company, and it will help you attract the attention of more professionals interested in joining your team.

How to apply employer branding in your hotel

And how can you start building your employer brand? For example, through your hotel’s website and social networks. Yes, your social media presence can benefit you to work on your employer branding strategy.

Not only can you show your customers how much your guests enjoy their stay at your hotel, you can also post photos or videos of your employees performing activities in your company. People interested in your company will visit your website and social networks to learn more about your hotel’s business development. There is no better reflection of your work philosophy than showing real images of what your employees do on a daily basis.

Another interesting method is to share real opinions of your employees regarding activities performed in the work environment. However, remember that the opinions of your employees on their own social networks are not within your reach. This is why it is so important that you constantly take into account their contributions and talent, that you work on making your employees believe in your company’s philosophy.

You can work on your employer branding in any way you want, but remember to apply these points in your strategy:

Let your employees be the voice of your company. Just as the opinions of your employees can bring improvements to your team, allowing them to be free to express their opinion is the best way to let others know about the work environment in your hotel, as well as show confidence in your business philosophy.

All your team can convey the values of your hotel. The opinions of employees from all ranks of your company are equally important. If you demonstrate this, the people best suited to work with you will know that their opinion will also be relevant.

Show your appreciation for talent and creativity. The hotel industry is very competitive and it is important to come up with innovations that make your hotel stand out from the crowd. If you want to get a creative work team, show them how important both talent and creativity are to you.

Demonstrate your team’s true values. Don’t sell values that are not your company’s own, show them how important both talent and creativity are to you.

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