What is Off Page SEO and how to work with it?

You've heard a lot about SEO and how to rank in Google. But have you heard of Off Page SEO? Today we explain everything you need to know.

Off Page SEO are all those elements that are external to the page but that also help us in our organic positioning. Let’s say it’s a step up the SEO ladder, a more in-depth work to compete for more difficult first results.

One of the most important factors of Off Page SEO are the pages that mention you, those that reference your articles. That is to say, those links of your website included in pages external to yours.


Which type of SEO is more important? Let’s say that one cannot live without the other. Every day the Internet is filled with thousands of new contents so, logically, it is increasingly difficult to fight for those top positions. Competition is increasing in all sectors and working only on On Page SEO does not assure you that first page. Off Page SEO gives you authority and gives you a leg up on the competition to be among the first organic results.

The importance of external links or backlinks

Links are becoming increasingly important to Google. And not only the external links, but keep in mind that the
internal linking
will also be increasingly taken into account by the search engine. And this part only depends on you! So, as a tip, start linking your own pages to each other today (always following common sense, overloading with internal links can also penalize you). Use internal links in a natural way.

And if anything is more important than internal linking, it is, of course, backlinks.
those external links that refer to us. If other sites in the same or similar sectors are referencing our articles, Google will understand that our content is of high quality.

Of course, it is not the same to be mentioned in not very relevant websites than to have a link to your website in well known websites such as big newspapers. The more Google authority the website that mentions you has, the more authority your website will gain with that external link.

Organic Links vs Link Building

Yes, in addition to internal links and external links, within this second group we can distinguish between organic or artificial links.

All backlinks
are beneficial for our website but, of course, those that are more natural (organic), that is, that others have included on their website because they have found it appropriate, have much more value. By offering high quality content and becoming a reference in the sector, this type of organic links can be obtained.

But, it is not always easy to get as many links as we would like, that is why there is what is known as Link Building. Link Building is a technique to get external links that we will ‘force’ to be referenced.

How can Link Building work?

It is one of the heaviest and most time-consuming parts of SEO. And sometimes the results are not appreciated and even if we make a bad Link Building we can be penalized by Google. So, what is the right way to work on Link Building and see positive results in our efforts?

The basic thing is that your external links must be mentioned in a meaningful way. There is no place for a link to your post about ‘the best coves in Mallorca’ on a website about selling ski equipment. That is to say, your links should look as natural as possible and users should really want to click on them when reading, as a plus of information, because they really have to do with the subject of the website containing your link.

Other tips to follow in the work of Link Building is to have a diversity of domains, that is to say, that our links are not all included in the same website. It is more effective to have one link on three different domains than three links on the same website. Diversify your reference points!

Finally, keep in mind that including your links in social media posts will also help you gain visibility and relevance. Go for it!

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