What is Lead scoring? Win customers with automation

Lead scoring is a method that facilitates the task of recognizing the leads closest to the sales process. We explain its functions and the advantages it gives you, especially to get customers in less time.

 1. What is lead scoring?

Lead scoringlead scoringis a process by which you can rank and scoreleads by taking into account their browsing behavior and where to pay more attention each time they visit your website. Leads are not just a number, but potential customers who study your services until they feel convinced that you will solve their needs. From the moment they offer you their data and become leads, each prospect wants incentivesthat further nurture their trust in you.


This is why it is so important to analyze the behavior of leads in relation to your company. Less interested leads will not want to receive content that more interested leads do, so studying leads will benefit you when creating relevant content for each type of lead.

The main objective of lead scoring is to help you discover the best sales opportunities. Paying the right attention to the most interested leads will bring them closer to making sales in a reduced time.

2. How does it work?

Imagine you have a travel agency and there is a prospect who wants to get away on his next summer vacation while spending as little money as possible. Now think about what he would probably do when visiting your website: he would use your flight search engine, investigate the offers page, download a catalog with information on summer destinations, fill out a form to receive offers in his email, etc.

Your lead scoring system informs you about the existence of a prospect who has performed the above actions. That means that there is a high interest on the part of the customer in making a purchase. You check the contents he has visited most frequently and you are aware of his need, so you can offer him attention to find the most affordable option. If you convince him, congratulations! You have achieved a sale without investing a lot of time.

Obviously it is difficult to offer the same treatment to so many leads, for this reason lead scoring allows you to create different categories of leads. You will be able to create a scoring system in which each prospect will earn points according to their interactions with your company.

3. Scoring system

Before setting up the point system, you should meet with your company’s sales team to establish the criteria with which to create the grades of your lead scoring. It is important to take into account the type of ideal customer of your company, and also the buyer persona profiles if you have them.

By taking into account your activities in the sector, you should note down the activities that visitors to your website can perform, as we have recreated above. The purpose is to appreciate those attitudes that are closest to your company’s interests. Not only can you count the actions of your website visitors, but also their interactions on social networks and their reactions to email marketing.

Each action of your leads will be worth a certain number of points according to its value in the sales progress. In this way, the leads that achieve the most points are those that reach the requirements to be the best sales opportunities.

You can use whatever parameters you want. In general, the scoring system goes from 0to 100. The closer a customer is to 100 points, the higher the chances of closing a sales process soon.

What is Lead scoring? Win customers with automation

4. Advantages of lead scoring

So, how does this process benefit you?

  • More efficiency when it comes to de
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