TUI: Video Marketing for revenue growth

Video marketing achieves engagement in all phases of the traveler's journey, even during the traveler's stay, as TUI's success story proves.

TUI Group is today one of the largest companies in the tourism sector worldwide. Although in its origins it began as a company related to the industrial and transportation sector, in 1997 it evolved into a business focused on services and leisure. Today, it brings together 1,800 travel agencies, six airlines with more than 130 aircraft, more than 300 hotels with 210,000 beds, 13 cruise ships and a large number of incoming agencies in the major vacation destinations around the world.

The business activity and products of TUI Group have diversified over the years of activity, but without doubt, one of the most outstanding products are the excursions that the group offers as an activity at the destination. These organized excursions allow travelers to get to know the authenticity of the place they are visiting, the best sites and the most characteristic traditions. A proposal specially designed to ensure the comfort of TUI customers, while satisfying their interest in the destination to which they travel. But how do you convey this information to your potential customers at the destination?

Download the TUI case study here.


The solution, multimedia content

Video marketing was the most appropriate solution to anticipate the destination experience and generate greater engagement with potential excursion customers. With one- to one-and-a-half-minute videos, it was possible to generate more trust and convey TUI Group’s sales message to travelers in a convenient, entertaining and engaging way.

Tools for representatives

Now the sales development of TUI Group can show with a tablet the video about the tour experience at the very moment of the Welcome Meeting and the client can, from the hotel, know exactly how the experience will be offered.

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