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The doctor's personal brand not only brings him a reputation as a professional, it also brings benefits for the clinic in which he develops his career.

1. If my practice has already consolidated its brand, why create a personal brand?

This is precisely one of the ideas that may arise when you hear about personal branding. It is true that personal branding is sometimes talked about as part of the process of looking for a job or selling individual services. However, this is not the only type of individual profile that can offer a personal brand.

Basically, a personal brand is the identity of a worker in relation to his or her professional and personal development, even when working within a company. Can personal branding affect the corporate brand? If the employee takes good care and dedication to his or her own professional development, it can greatly benefit the image of your clinic and its growth in the healthcare sector.


Healthcare professionals are constantly training, but are unaware of the benefits of showing that progress to the world. Why invest time in building my image if I already work in a clinic? Building a personal brand for each employee can open many doors: from new opportunities in the sector to growing the reputation of each employee.

2. What does personal branding in the healthcare sector

You already know how important it is to differentiate your clinic in the healthcare sector. And yes, it is also essential that the doctors and professionals in your clinic stand out individually, especially after the changes that are happening in the healthcare sector in recent months. This is the time to start highlighting the role of your clinic’s professionals and boosting their personal and professional development. 

Recently we have talked about the Google algorithm changes that have affected the healthcare sector. From now on, the popular search engine will take more account of better quality content from healthcare websites. That is, content that provides real and trustworthy information to users.

One of the ways in which Google will ensure that your clinic’s website is trustworthy is that the content comes from healthcare professionals. Thus, the content of your website must be associated with the professionals of your clinic. Not only will you contribute to the growth of the personal brand of your doctors, you will also contribute confidence to the brand of your clinic, and Google will take this into account when positioning your website.

On the other hand, the personal brand of your professionals can increase recognition by potential customers and even increase your sales. Classic word-of-mouth can benefit your practice if your employees leverage their talent and training beyond their work at your practice.

For example, by networking at healthcare events or even giving lectures or conferences. As you start to build your individual identity, your reputation will start to grow thanks to your own talent, and you will gain the trust of potential customers. What’s more, if people trust a doctor’s brand, they may end up trusting your clinic’s brand. After all, customers will be happy to know that their health is in the best hands.

3. How to start developing a personal brand

There are many methods for a professional to start creating his or her own personal brand. However, it is paramount that you stop to think about the profile you want to present. Although being part of your clinic is one of its attributes, your workers have their own professional goals and other interests within the healthcare sector. Encourage them to express those individual interests and share their knowledge with the world.

We have already talked about networking, talks and conferences, and obviously you cannot miss the presence of your workers on the Internet. Are your doctors present on social networks? More and more professionals are creating profiles to give their opinion on the Internet.

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