Highlight your clinic in Google searches with Rich Snippets

Your clinic's website is not the first thing a potential user sees on the Internet, users generally come to you through keyword searches entered into Google. And that's where the rich snippets of your pages come into play.

1. So, what exactly are rich snippets?

As we have discussed, when a user (a potential client of your clinic) performs a specific search on the Internet, Google displays a search results page (SERPs) with different entries, composed of different fragments that inform about the content of the page to which they refer: the rich snippets.

Now imagine that a user has been making inquiries on the Internet to find different lip augmentation options. Perhaps he’s read an article (that could be yours) showing various treatments. Then that’s when you decide on an option. Suppose you search for “hyaluronic acid lip augmentation”. Among the possible results, Google offers you:

Example 1.

General search result

Example 2.

Rich snippets

Which one do you think is more appealing to a user?

2. Do you understand why rich snippets are important?

As you can see from the examples above, Google can offer visually different results. The most common, those of the first example, usually occupy lower positions and only offer users information about the page title, URL and (meta)description, in which you must also include a main keyword.

But those that attract more attention, are those that have ratings from other users and even include other links to similar or relevant content for the user. These are elements that improve the information offered on the page and provide more valuable content. Also, think that nowadays users take more into account third party opinions and, by including them, you give authority to your page.

3. And, what types of rich snippets are suitable for your clinic?

There are different rich snippets that you can implement on your pages, but not all need to be useful, and it is not necessary to include them in all of them. On the one hand, their use does not guarantee that Google will include them in the SERPs, although they are taken into account when it comes to positioning. And on the other hand, there are certain pages on your website that should stand out above the rest.

So, to improve the attributes of your home page you can use rich snippets to enable functional and visual elements that correspond to:

  • Business details: such as physical location and contact information that you can activate through Google My Business.
  • Marketing details: official name, logo and profile information on social platforms.

And in addition, you can also help Google to better understand the context of your pages, marking the elements of their content that may be relevant to your clinic:

  • Opinions: to activate the display of the stars of the pages you are most interested in highlighting, showing the rating of your customers.
  • Services: to highlight the different sub services, treatments or techniques on the pages intended to list this information.
  • Articles: with which you can indicate the topic of the page, the author and even contributors and sponsors of the article.
  • Events: if your clinic occasionally holds events, conferences or courses, this snippet can improve the visibility of these.
  • Videos: if the video content format is relevant to your clinic or if you decide to invest in it, this snippet is essential.

4. Why are they important to position your website?

By including these rich snippets you will also be helping the search engine to understand the function and content of your pages and to position them in the SERPs. And is that to properly carry out an SEO strategy, responsible for improving the positioning of your pages in search engines, you must implement various techniques, among which these rich snippets are included.

Most likely, you must have read more about keywords in relation to the SEO strategy.

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