Competing with large cosmetic surgery franchises

Have you ever wondered how you can compete with large aesthetic medicine franchises? This is the marketing your clinic needs to stand out!

How can you stand out from cosmetic surgery franchises?

Of course, what you want is for your cosmetic surgery clinic to stand out from the competition. Maybe you have never even considered it, thinking that it is impossible. Well, we have great news for you. If you want, you can make your clinic stand out in the marketplace. Even over these companies that seem to overshadow you.

It is true that the investment of an average clinic compared to the investment of large international brands is not comparable. We are talking about both online and offline investment. We cannot compete at the level of print ads, billboards or, at the online level, keyword bidding with a lot of competition. In the end, in this type of strategy, the winner is the one who can pay the most.


So how can you use your practice marketing strategies to stand out?

Your own website optimized for Google

While it is true that having a presence in online directories or other industry platforms may bring you some clients, at the end of the day, there you are just another name on the list. For this reason, it is very important that you count on the website of your cosmetic surgery clinicwhere you can work on your own strategies, where you can manage your results on the fly and where you can help you to stand out from the competition. From this point on, listing your clinic in web directories will help you to attract more traffic to your own website. Now it will make sense to find you on these platforms.

What should your aesthetic clinic’s website look like? Contrary to popular belief, good design is not the only important aspect of a website. It is true that visually and creatively attracting visitors to your website can help you capture the attention of users. But, if they don’t quickly find what they are looking for or don’t understand the functionality of your site, you will ultimately lose the visit and, with it, your potential patient. That’s why you must:

  • Work on the user experience (UX), that is, have a website designed for your target audience. How do they navigate? Are they technologically advanced users? What will appeal to them more, a visual website or a website with more text content? And a long etcetera that no one better than you will know how to answer, since you must know your target audience very well.
  • Optimizing your website for search engine positioning in search engines such as Google is fundamental to have a successful website that not only attracts traffic, but also attracts the right traffic: your potential clients and that, finally, they become final patients.

When we talk about web optimization we refer to a long list of conditions that a website must fulfill to appear in the first results of engines such as Google. As a summary, among other aspects, we would talk about reducing the size of the images so that the page loads faster, adding videos and audiovisual content to our website, working on the right keywords for the sector (so that our target audience finds us on the network), working on the SEO On Page…

How do we attract potential patients without paying for online ads?

As we have already mentioned, one of the biggest challenges you can face in the healthcare sector is competing with large aesthetic medicine franchises. How can we position ourselves above these big brands without having to outperform their advertising spend?

You may have heard of SEO and SEM positioning. When we talk about positioning, we refer to how we treat the content (text and other elements) in our website in order to appear in the first results of search engines when an Internet user makes a query related to our business.

Let’s see the difference between SEO and SEM positioning:

  • SEO positioning.  When we talk about SEO we refer to the positioning that we can get thanks to a content strategy on our website, without paying for ads on Google or any other search engine. An SEO strategy allows us to increase gradually but always in an ascending way the visits and the positioning of our website.
  • SEM positioning. On the other hand, by working with a SEM strategy, we will get large peaks of visits to our website at times when we are paying Google Adwords advertising (i.e., our pages would appear marked as an ‘ad’ in Google). But, the moment we stop paying Google, our visits drop drastically again.

So, according to what we have been talking about, what kind of positioning will you be interested in working on the website of your aesthetic clinic? Exactly, SEO positioning. Working with an organic positioning technique, with keywords adapted to the searches performed by your potential patients, we will be able to reach our different types of clients permanently over time.

SEO Positioning


A conversion-ready website

What do we mean by conversion? We can talk about conversion to lead (sales opportunity) or conversion to customer. When talking about the healthcare sector, it is true that achieving a customer conversion through the website is not as easy as if we were talking about any type of ecommerce. After all, we are talking about a complex health service with a normally high cost.

What we can achieve through an aesthetic clinic website is to close an appointment online or get the contact information of the visitors to our website. When we get a user’s contact information, we say that we have converted him/her into a lead, a sales opportunity. Why? Because when we get your email, for example, we can work on email marketing campaigns, accompanying you during the purchase process until you become a customer.

This is what we know as lead nurturingi.e, nurture’ the potential customer to to keep us in their mind during the phases  prior to the purchase decision and, finally, to get him to choose us, having offered him information of his interest or even some kind of offer.

So, how can you make your website conversion-ready? Through forms. Any form that collects contact data will help us to get leads. What can we offer the customer to fill out a form? Downloadable guides with content of interest, a ‘Free First Visit’ form or offers that we will send to your email.

Is your aesthetic medicine clinic ready to unseat the big franchises?

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