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Find out what a marketing agency can do for your SMB's content strategy. Do you know all the steps to follow in content marketing?

To work with
content marketing
you have to know how to write for the Internet. You must know how to make Google understand who your content is aimed at and in which results it should show you. If your content appears in the wrong searches and, consequently, users do not click on your links or, even worse, quickly enter and leave your website, Google will understand that your content is not good and will relegate you to results on much later pages. This means that you will become practically invisible.

That’s why it’s important to enlist the help of a marketing agency to prepare your best content strategy from scratch. What can a marketing agency do for your SME’s content strategy?


1. Create your buyer-persona profiles.

A buyer-persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer. Its creation requires research, since the profile of your buyer-persona must be based on real data such as demographic information, motivations of the target, their needs and objectives…

It is the first step in your content strategy. If you don’t know who you’re targeting, how will you know what to blog about? The purpose of creating your buyer-persona is to know their interests and needs. What does your buyer-persona search for on Google? You need to know about it to write about it, position yourself correctly and convert this stranger into a visitor to your website.

And if you want to go further, it is not only about knowing what your target searches for on the Internet, but also how they search for it, that is, how they ask Google for one topic or another. In this post we explain in more detail everything related to buyer-persona.


2. Perform a keyword search. 

Once you know what are the interests of your potential customers and how they make these queries to Mr. Google, we can begin to perform a search for keywords (keywords) to promote them in the blog and thus position for them. A marketing agency will have the necessary resources to know what are the most searched keywords in your industry.

Then it’s time to apply these keywords to the SEO of your content. Using keywords in the right way but without forcing the positioning is what will make your blog and, consequently, your business on the Internet successful.

The secret is to write for people but at the same time make yourself understood by Google.

An agency for SMEs will know how to create your buyer-persona profiles.


3. Design a user-friendly blog (and website).

Starting from the premise that your company’s website is not for you, but for your customers, and knowing who your buyer-persona is, a marketing agency will know how to create your website so that it is usable and accessible to this target audience defined in the first step.

When designing your website (and your blog) you will realize again the importance of knowing very well who your target audience is. Your website will be very different if it is aimed at a public accustomed to consulting and making purchases on the Internet or at a public that is not so adept with new technologies.

Again, knowing our buyer-persona will help us in the design of our website. We will know to what extent we can innovate the website or if we will get better results by focusing on a simpler and more traditional website.

But in either case, your website should be
that is to say, adapted to the navigation of your target. The user should enjoy visiting your website. This is also where the concept of user-experience: the user must find on the web what he is looking for in the easiest possible way. Studies have shown that ideally you should be able to reach any point on a website with a maximum of three clicks.

As for your blog, it should be divided into categories and tags so that your readers can find the posts they are looking for.

4. Write posts and search for new and current topics.

The eternal doubt of the blogs ‘and what should I write about’ will end if you leave the writing and search of topics for your posts in the hands of a marketing agency. An agency will have the resources and the right team to know the latest trends in your industry.

As we have already mentioned, content marketing is not just about writing. You must know how to write for the Internet. At this point, online content professionals know the latest techniques (yes, Google also changes its algorithm from time to time) to position for the chosen keywords but always bearing in mind that we will be read by people, not by Google robots.

5. Creation of downloadables (to get leads).

The moment a stranger clicks on a link on our blog (because we are well positioned for the keywords he has used in his search), he automatically becomes a visitor to our website.

If, in addition, we get them to leave us their contact information, we will convert this visitor into a sales opportunity (a lead). How? Offering you quality content or offers impossible to refuse for which it is worthwhile for you to leave us your contact information (e-mail, telephone…).

This type of downloadable content will be very different from one sector to another, even between companies in the same sector. At this point the experience of a marketing agency will be very useful to create both this content and the call-to-action buttons (CTA) and Landing Pages (landing pages), which are the two steps prior to filling out a form and downloading the content.

5+1. Analysis of results.

Finally, if you don’t analyze the results of your blog, how will you know if your strategy is working? A good marketing agency will show you the results of your visits, number of clicks, downloads, email openings, etc. It will also offer you solutions and alternatives if the strategy is not working optimally.

Remember that content marketing is a very effective strategy to get traffic to your website and, consequently, increase your visibility on Google and your online sales.

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