The most attractive online marketing articles of 2017 for SMEs.

We have made a compilation of the best publications of 2017. Those articles that have caused the most interest. Those that you should take into account the most.

And why these and not others?

Because an SME has many duties. Among them to make itself known in an effective way, to increase its customer base and to gain a reputation that allows it to grow in the long term… And for all this, marketing and the most effective online strategies can help you. Take a look below!


Do you know what are the keys in marketing to improve the image of your SME?

It is normal to lose perspective. When you are working on the same concepts every day, you end up not knowing how to communicate them. If you feel identified and you keep asking yourself “how can I improve the image of my SME?”, read on and discover the 5 fantastic keys that are a basic for your company.

Do you know any examples of successful SEO and SEM campaigns to attract traffic?

 Search engine optimization is not an easy strategy, especially now that the algorithms of Google and other search engines are changing. That’s why we must look at those good campaigns that manage to make the right impression. Therefore, we must learn from good practices. On this occasion we show you one of IKEA’s latest marketing masterpieces. A clear example of creativity mixed with a positioning strategy that has managed to impact its users. Learn more about IKEA’s Retail therapy campaign. 

Want to learn how to excite your potential customers to choose you?

 Do you know the word insight? An insight in the marketing world is a universal, somewhat hidden truth about our potential customer that is used as the basis of a strategy. It is a belief or a value that, if we work on it, boosts consumption.

Insights focus on the consumer and highlight hidden aspects of the way consumers think, feel or act in order to generate new communication strategies. When an ad makes a person think, “Mmmm, that’s exactly how I feel. I thought I was the only one,” it’s because we’re dealing with an insight. Learn how insights can benefit your SME and who has used them before with practical examples.

Have you thought about how you can please your customers so they repeat?

 A happy customer is an enthusiastic ambassador of our brand. And that in an SME is very important. Because when customers trust our brand there is a high probability that they will recommend our products and/or services. That is, the majority of satisfied customers can become promoters of our company and help to attract more contacts, new customers.

Pleasing our customers, working on gaining their trust is a practice that started long before Inbound Marketing which we bet on as the best digital marketing methodology.

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Want to know now where to start? Take free courses to succeed!

HubSpot is not only an online marketing management and automation software, but also a channel for learning best practices and marketing trends. They practice what they preach. They do the marketing we all love and that’s why they have us in love.

You probably know their posts on Inbound. If not, you should take a stroll through their

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