Your blog helps your brand’s SEO positioning

Discover how a good blog can help you position your brand in the major search engines. Learn some tricks to optimize SEO and take the plunge.

One of the tools that can help you with your SEO positioning will be the blog. In addition, it will allow you to open a conversation with your followers and thus establish a quality company-customer dialogue. However, do not forget that the content you publish in it must be interesting and useful. It is not worth publishing for the sake of publishing because, in the long run, it will not only benefit you but also harm you.


So, a good blog will help you to position your brand in the main search engines, but how can I do it?

Tips to optimize your blog

Key words, always. Think of keywords as the names by which you organize your files in folders. Search engines, especially Google, do the same. Without these keywords, the content you are creating is unlikely to be consumed by your followers, as they will have a hard time finding them.

Create useful content that may be of interest to your followers because they will be in charge of spreading and recommending it.

Move the content on social networks to create diffusion and to create links to other web pages. It is also important to improve your SEO.

Regularly publish  as Google likes recent content. Don’t forget that it is not a social network, so one or two weekly publications may be more than enough since, from a blog, more quality than quantity is expected.

Be careful when choosing the title of the article.  We must bear in mind that the title must catch the reader’s attention so that he/she reads the whole publication and, finally, spreads the article. Nowadays, and I’m sure this has also happened to you, content is shared based only on the title.

Here are some other key points when writing the title: It must include your post’ s keywordIt is advisable not to exceed 70 characters;  eis a tool to inform about what topic you are going to cover in your post. So do not offer false hopes, and make sure that the title corresponds to the content.

Don’t forget the URLs! Leaving the default URL is not an option. So  recommends that you use the title of the post, since, in theory, it will include the keyword you have selected.

No articles or prepositions. Don’t worry if it sounds like you’re speaking Indian, that’s what it’s all about! We recommend that you separate each word with a hyphen (-).

Try to keep your URL as short as possible and include your keyword.

Accompany the text with images so that the reading does not become so heavy. You can also use graphics or diagrams to make it easier to absorb the information you are presenting.

Use images to improve your positioning. How? Using ALT tags or descriptive text of the image. Remember that Google performs an analysis of all web pages and their content. Obviously he can’t see the images, but this description you give him will help him to know if it is related or not to the text. In short, forget the typical “IMG_03” when posting images on your blog.

It also optimizes the size and weight of the photos. The lighter they are, the better the results.

The Nestlé success story

Nowadays, the vast majority of companies have their own corporate blog. Here are some examples to inspire you:

Nestlé Her blog “A gusto con la vida” is one of the most recognized. Why? For its contents. Obviously they end up suggesting to the reader some of the products of the brands that make up the Nestlé group, but it does not give the impression that selling is their main objective. Tips and recipes are the main focus of its publications. In addition, and since all the posts incorporate the buttons to share in social networks, they help and facilitate their diffusion. 

Blog SEO positioning


StarbucksStarbucks: True to its style, Starbucks offers thoughtful design and useful content on its blog. Offers tips, recipes, ideas, information of interest. The best valued space is the one that allows users to make their proposals for new products. A very pure and valuable source of feedback, don’t you think?

starbucks blog

Now you know all the advantages that your blog can bring to your business. Do not hesitate, it can become your great ally. Marketing, innovation and new technologies are not only aspects to be taken into account by large companies. By taking one step further, your small business can grow without you even realizing it. 

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