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An insight is an emotional branding strategy focused on a somewhat hidden truth about our target. Learn about its benefits and some examples.



The pizzeria used the insight of entering the food cinema to cut costs. Have you never done it? It is an example of universal truth with which we feel identified. By becoming accomplices, this small pizzeria in a shopping mall generated engagement with its customers and managed to increase sales. The campaign was a great success. He uploaded this video to Facebook and got 200,000 likes in 6 months, a record for a local business. They even received a complaint from the cinema requesting the withdrawal of the ad because their food and beverage sales decreased.


Insights focus on the consumer and highlight hidden aspects of the way consumers think, feel or act in order to generate new communication strategies. When an ad makes a person think, “Mmmm, that’s exactly how I feel. I thought I was the only one,” it’s because we’re looking at an insight. 

What are the benefits of insights?


They are real magnets of attraction. We all like to share our most intimate, personal tastes or feelings and see ourselves reflected. Today, the product hardly sells anymore. They sell emotions. For this reason, if our buyer persona feels “understood”, we will be able to attract their attention. Do not hesitate.


If our buyer persona feels reflected in our insight, we will have succeeded in capturing a little piece of his or her heart. And, therefore, if we succeed in meeting their expectations in terms of product or service, it will be ours forever. Empathize with them and connect with their emotions.

Knowledge of our buyer personas

 Insights are real treasures. Finding an insight in the center of the target means that we know our buyer personas perfectly, and this will lead us to continue working along the same lines with new strategies.

But how can we strip the mind of our buyer personas?

Take advantage of new technologies and prosumers. As we noted in our post Do you know what prosumers are? You can also create themnew technologies have led to the creation of a new figure: the prosumer, or prosumidor in Spanish. Prosumer is a word created by the union of consumer+producer (consumer + producer), meaning a person who produces, generates, online content. So if your consumers generate content and express themselves, it will be easier to know and reach them, right? Then, you could encourage that content manufacturing on their part. Smooth the way and make it easy for them. Create your own hashtags and encourage maximum participation. 

3 examples of insights to inspire you. 

Do you know @lavecinarubia? She is the girlfriend of Jon Kortajarena, one of the most sought-after Spanish top models. They are the virtual couple of the moment and their Twitter account is full of cheesy insights. She plays at dismantling the cliché of the dumb blonde with a lot of imagination, wit and empathy. She has created a hashtag #MeEstoyHaciendoilusiones that surrounds her story: she is in love with Jon and wants to conquer him. Between the two of them, they have more than half a million followers on Twitter, a very succulent figure.

Insight Lavecinarubia.jpg

This Tarradellas pizza ad is based on the insight of how a father can get closer to his teenage daughter, not an easy task.



BMW’s “you like to drive” ad, winner of the Special Prize at the Ibero-American Advertising Communication Festival, is also a clear example of insight. The ad perfectly captures the universal feeling that driving enthusiasts feel, a feeling that is not very verbalized but with which many identify. 



The basis is to know your buyer personas well. It is not only important to know their age, sex, marital status or level of education. Dig deeper and find out what they like, what excites them, what fears they have, goals in life… Become their shadow and bring your brand to life through emotional branding.

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