The real difference between UX and UI in web design

Even if you are used to talk about user experience, do you know what it means? And do you know the difference between UX and UI? Learn more in our post.

It seems that for many it is still unclear. Today we present the differences between UX and UI so you don’t get lost in the conversations of your design team.

Both user experience and interface can be concepts applied to any physical or virtual product (web, app…). Although in our post we will focus on the UX and UI regarding to web design, it is important that you are clear about this extrapolation.


It is clear: your website must have with UX and UI.

The user experience (UX) is the result not only of what the user does on our website, but also of what he feels and  thinks when browsing it. Also taking into account whether you visit from a computer, smartphone or other mobile devices.

Similarly, UX also has a place in apps. Why does a user choose an application among others that have the same functionalities? What led you to make this decision?

It was the researcher Donald Norman who coined the term user experience. According to the professor and researcher, if we were to start from the usability of the interface (UI) alone, it would make no sense for a user to choose one application over another if they all have the same function. It is at this point that Norman sees the need to create a new concept: the user experience.

From that moment on, the user experience has been taken very much into account in the different fields, being able to get to know this way how and why the user behaves in one way or another on our website or app and how to solve problems or weaknesses that arise in our product.

The user experience focuses primarily on their thoughts and emotions. Moreover, it does not only take into account your behavior during navigation or use, but also what you think or feel before and after the interaction.

In this video, we can listen to an amusing talk by researcher Donald Norman on Ted Talks. In this video, Professor Norman explains how design can make people happy.


To avoid a negative user experience it is necessary to test, test and test. No section of the app or website should be left unchecked to correct possible errors or complications during navigation or use.

So, what is UI?

The interface is the means by which the user will interact with the tool. It is, then, (especially in its design) a very important part of the user experience. But that’s just part of it.

But other interface assets beyond design should not be forgotten. Auditory, visual and even tactile elements are part of the user interface. These elements should also be taken into account when designing and then analyzing the UI.

The user experience, linked to workflows

User experience is necessarily involved in workflows. The creation of user scenarios is an important part of the UX process.

Professionals with expertise in user experience should consider as many scenarios as possible from the web or app. We must predict what the user will do, how he will act during navigation or use and have a response for each of his actions.

If you want to take it a step further, in our post Your website is not for you, it’s for your customers. What is user experience. you will find the most practical part of UX.

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