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We present you the IKEA success story and tell you about the best practices of its marketing strategy. IKEA advertising is always positive and interesting!


IKEA is a global brand, widely known around the world. There’s no need to explain its product; we all know it’s the world’s largest furniture and home decor retailer. IKEA was an early adopter of the digital mode of marketing and leveraging online channels. The company brilliantly uses social media with a massive emphasis on its digital catalog forming the core of its marketing strategy. So what are the most important points of IKEA’s digital marketing strategy? 


A strong brand identity

When you see the image of an IKEA kitchen, you know it’s an IKEA kitchen. The company has its brand identity very clear. It is well known for its simple advertising with some bold colors (blue, yellow and orange, which are the brand colors) and images that show immaculate homes with modern, clean decor. All of its marketing campaigns contribute to and reinforce its brand image.

ikea marketing strategy


Its message is impactful and comes in various creative forms. IKEA’s advertising is always positive and interesting. Their message is to improve the lives of their customers by offering modern and useful solutions for the home. It is a very clear and impactful message: IKEA, “Life Improvement Store”.

The creativity of its product presentation is visible in all types of advertising, from Video Marketing content,     to the use of innovative technologies such as THE 2015 CATALOG with augmented reality function, known as “Place In Your Room”, which virtually allows customers to try out IKEA furniture in their own homes.


Content marketing

IKEA has realized that, in our digital age, having an effective content marketing strategy is a necessity. With its customers in mind, IKEA has created a complex content marketing plan, using different formats and themes for different distribution channels.

Have you seen any of IKEA’s catalogs? If not, just remember some of their advertising campaigns. They not only sell their product, but also inspire their customers by demonstrating how furniture can be used to create a nice and cozy home. Their content is based on experience, the product is simply a means to get this experience.

Inspirational blog with tips

A more common way to provide content to customers is a blog. IKEA uses its blog to share home decorating ideas, tips and tricks. They don’t call it a ‘blog’, but IKEA IDEAS as a part of IKEA Inspiration.  This blog is full of different ideas, all designed to achieve one goal: to improve the lives of their customers in their home.


IKEA has mastered the art of video marketing

Video is the most user-friendly format to consume and is a marketing strategy on the rise. Thevideo marketing is one of IKEA’s core content marketing approaches and is meant to show (not tell) customers how to improve their lives. The videos tell the IKEA story in fun, educational, instructional and inspirational ways. They also play into a variety of market segments, from adults and older millennials to this

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