Tips for a good naming. Awaken your creativity.

In this post we won't tell you the name of your new company, but we are going to give you tips for creating a name. You will awaken your creativity with examples.

First we will start with the tips that, although basic, are not always taken into account and can create problems in the future.

Council No. 1

Look for a name attractive, suggestive, evocative and without negative connotations.

Try to be original but in a graceful way. Look for a name that is soft but impactful and does not lead to negative thoughts. A clear example of a naming failure for this reason is the Mitsubishi Pajero car. The car brand reacted in a second version and changed the name to Mitsubishi Montero!  


Council No. 2

The name must be easy to pronounce and spell.

Maybe not now, but in the distant future your company will go international. Think of a name that sounds good in all languages, has a simple pronunciation in different languages and is not difficult to spell. 

Council No. 3

Think of a flexible and durable name

Don’t be a slave to fashions. At the moment the Pokémon world is triumphing, following the success of its Pokémon Go game. But we advise you not to include anything related to this fashion in your brand. Maybe, depending on your company, it will be fun and you will get a lot of customers in the short term, but think that in the future the Pokémon craze may disappear and then nobody will be amused.

Council No. 4

Considers the name credible and consistent

After writing this advice, the Apple brand comes to mind. At first glance, it seems to us a not very coherent and credible name for a technology company, but without a doubt, they have succeeded. Here you will find the different and curious reasons attributed to this decision.

Council No. 5

Make sure it is a registerable name 

This is a basic and extremely important issue. There is a case study in the Balearic Islands. The directors of the Spanish bank BMN, born in 2010 and operating in different communities, decided to give it the name “Banco Mare Nostrum”. However, the exclusivity requirements in its Nice class prevented this. It was already registered by a former insurance company. The name of the bank was changed to BMN. No meaning whatsoever.




The naming is a key piece for the gear of anymarketing strategy .

Where does the naming of these Mallorcan brands come from?

Camper. It means campero in Mallorquin (the phonetic accent is on the ‘e’).

Quely. Because of the admiration that one of the owners of the company had for the actress Grace Kelly.

Xutipesca. Xuti is the pet name of one of his owners.

Lotusse. It is the name of a sewing machine acquired in England at the end of the 19th century by its founder, Antonio Fluxà. 

…And the rest of the world

Danone. Their first son is named Daniel (diminutive Dan).

Barbie. The doll was also given the diminutive of her daughter’s name, Barbara.

Aspirin. Trade name adopted by Bayer Laboratories as a word derived from spir, acetylsalicylic acid.

Nintendo. In Japanese it means “leave your fate to heaven”.

Zara. Originally, the name was to be Zorba in honor of the Michael Cacoyannis movie, but it was the name of a coffee shop in A Coruña and was already registered, so it had to be modified.

Lucky strike. Many believe means “lucky strike,” a phrase made famous during the gold rush era. However, strike also means strike and few know that, in reality, it refers to a strike carried out by the workers as a result of which they achieved part of their demands.   

Pocoyo. As the son of the creator of the children’s doll uttered the phrase “like me”.

Volkswagen. Means people’s car in German.

This last example shows that, sometimes, a mediocre and inconspicuous naming can also be successful. We advise you to comply with all these requirements, although you must be clear that repetition makes a name, “the name”.

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