EdgeRank or why your posts don’t reach all your followers

Posting on social networks and getting the news to our followers is not an easy task. Why? Learn what Facebook EdgeRank is.

What is EdgeRank? Another algorithm to worry about.

It’s Facebook’s algorithm. Yes, Google is not the only one playing with our illusions. Facebook decides who to show your posts to and who not to show them to. And it is not an easy algorithm to mislead, because what Facebook wants is that you invest money in advertising on its platform.

Just like Google’s algorithm, Facebook also varies from time to time the factors that will make your post be seen by more or less followers. That is, forget about the idea that your posts or promotions will be visible on the timeline of all your followers. That won’t happen.


What are the influencing factors? A non-definitive formula.

As mentioned above, Facebook’s algorithm (or EdgeRank) changes over time. Therefore, we can know what factors currently influence the success or failure of our company profile, but it will never be a definitive formula.

1. Affinity of our followers with our brand profile. Facebook understands that if a user interacts on our company profile (comments on publications, shares or clicks on ‘like’), he/she has a good connection with our brand. Then, this user will be a recipient of our publications.

2. Relevant content. It has a lot to do with the previous point. If our posts have interaction from our followers, Facebook understands that the publication is of quality, interesting for its users, then this publication will be seen by more followers. As you can see, Facebook works with similar factors to Google.

3. Current publications. How many messages are posted on Facebook? More than two million publications per minute. So it is normal that Mr. Facebook gives a limited lifetime to each publication. Therefore, the older your post is, the more difficult it will be to reach your followers, even if they are loyal to your brand, because Facebook will position it below the most current posts. That is why it is a good practice to update posts that are of special interest to us so that they reappear on users’ timelines.


Facebook is constantly changing its algorithm.


4. What type of audiovisual content do you publish. Right now, audiovisual content is the most rewarded by Facebook. Why? Because this social network wants to compete strongly with Youtube. Therefore, it is important that you post videos that can be viewed directly on Facebook and not links that force the user to leave the network to see the content. Facebook doesn’t like it when you send your followers outside its platform. Everything has to stay at home.

5. The importance of audiovisual content. According to data from Daniel Devai, Social Media & Digital Analytics at Epsilon, videos embedded in Facebook increase their reach by 233%. And in the end, it’s a chain, the more popular your post is, the more followers Facebook will show it to and so on. So spend some time creating these videos.

Facebook wants you to invest in advertising.

Although it is true that a promotional campaign on Facebook does not have a crazy price, not all brands want to invest in this social network, or do not want to invest as much as Facebook would like. Therefore, Facebook does not allow excessive advertising that has not been promoted by its platform.

What posts does Facebook penalize?

All content published by a company page that has not been promoted. This doesn’t mean that Facebook won’t show your posts, but it won’t help you stand out either. That is why it is very important that you work on the points mentioned above so that the affinity between your followers and your brand is what makes you stand out in this social network.

If other Facebook users, even if they are personal profiles, mention your brand (the brand name remains in blue color, which is clickable), Facebook will penalize this publication which will be less visible on the timeline of the friends of these users.

Finally, Facebook doesn’t like it when you give it content it can’t read. Therefore, avoid including too much text in your images, otherwise these posts will be penalized by Facebook. In fact, if you promote any content, Facebook will not allow you to include more than a percentage of text in the images.

Social networks are very changeable platforms; it is not only Facebook that changes the way they work. That is why it is very important that you are attentive to changes and novelties and that, above all, you are very creative.

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