There is still time to engage with your followers.

Social networks are not a passing fad. They have become a new means of communication, and they are more alive than ever!

And this is demonstrated by the latest data on social networks collected by IAB Spain .

First of all, keep in mind that the number of social network users in Spain has already reached 19.20 million users. This means that 86% of Internet users are present  on social networks.  The age range is very wide (16-65 years), so it is very unlikely that your ideal customer is not among these 19.20 million, don’t you think? 


Who uses social networks?

As mentioned above, the profile of social network users is very broad and generic. On the one hand,  and in matters of gender, there is hardly any difference between men and women.

Based on age, the range of users extends from 16 to 65 years of age. The generation with the highest concentration of users is  between 31 and 45 years of age.

Of these 19.20 million users, 66% are currently working and have higher education (45%).

How and when do they visit social networks?

I’m sure you’re thinking of the right answer,  the cell phone. Wherever they go, whatever they do, users share  with their family and friends about their experiences.

According to this study, users are most active from 20:30h to 00:30h. In the mobile channel, this prime time is extended from 1:00 p.m., with a high level of activity from 4:00 p.m. onwards. This allows us to determine that, in their free time, users check and update their social network accounts.

Even though mobile is the main channel, we should not forget the personal computer and tablets. For this reason, and in case you want to go into social networks, the content you share on them must be adapted and optimized for all channels.


What are the main social networks and how are they used?

The social networks leading the current landscape, based on their percentage of usage, are Facebook (91%), Whatsapp (89%), Youtube (71%), Twitter (50%), Instagram (45%) and Spotify (31%).

Of these networks, the best rated by users are Whatsapp, Youtube and Spotify. The social network with the highest growth in number of visits is, without a doubt, Instagram.

The main use of the networks is chatting and sending messages (67%) and watching videos or listening to music (59%).

On the other hand, it is interesting to know which sectors are the most followed by social network users. In the first place, and since the prime time of use is during users’ free time, the most followed sector is entertainment, culture and media (66%). It is followed by tourism (41%) and communication (41%).

What are the benefits of a social media presence?

The social networks leading the current landscape, based on their percentage of use, are Facebook (91%), Whatsapp (89%), Youtube (71%), Twitter (50%), Instagram (45%) and Spotify (31%). 

From this study we can determine that, for a brand, as long as a previous strategic plan is carried out, the results  can be very interesting.

First of all, they are a great platform to reach our potential consumers. Of course, as we mentioned, there are more than 19.20 million  users,  so you must be clear about who you are targeting and what content you want to present for each of the networks in which you have decided to participate.

On the other hand, social media will help you to humanize your brand and bring it closer to your buyer personas (or ideal client). According to IAB Spain, 83% of users follow a brand on social networks. In addition, some Internet users believe that a brand with an active and well-maintained social media profile inspires more trust than one that is not present on these channels.

It is very interesting for you to know that the involvement of social networks in the purchasing process is increasing. It is  more frequent that potential customers, in the first two stages of the buyer’s journey (understood as the decision-making process), consult social networks as a source of information to support their purchase decision.

Thus, it can be determined that the reputation of your brand on social networks  influences your potential consumers. Therefore, we can affirm that it is worth being present and managing our profiles in social networks correctly.

In which networks should I be present?

Just one piece of advice: don’t just be there, because in the long run this can have a negative effect on your brand. Manage, decide and analyze your social media presence as part of your marketing strategy.

We have already told you which are the queens, now you decide based on your objectives. Very important! Don’t forget to create interesting and attractive content, as this is an essential part of creating engagement among your followers.

Finally, we would like to mention the Google+ social network. Although it is one of the worst rated social networks by users, being present and active in this network will be of great help in SEO positioning for Google.

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