How IKEA elevated its SEO and SEM strategies to genius

Do you know IKEA's Retail Therapy strategy? It is one of the latest geniuses of the Swedish company where he mixed his web positioning and creativity.

The Swedish company decided to rename some of its products taking into account what were the most common Google searches related to coexistence and relationship problems in general. In this way, IKEA wanted to make it clear that its products are not just furniture or accessories, but solutions for the small differences that can occur in everyday life at home.

Who would miss names like KRUSIDULLER or SMASKA?

IKEA not only wanted to increase its traffic, but used this campaign to understand its consumers better and connect with them in a different way: more fun and closer. In fact, the marketing agency , in charge of this campaign, has been analyzing these most searched queries for a year.


In the end, this has always been the spirit of IKEA, to make you feel at home. Only now he has taken it to its maximum expression.

IKEA Retail Therapy

For this campaign, IKEA focused on its English-speaking target, who would perform these searches and who would not miss the old, unpronounceable IKEA product names. After all, the names of these products were not helping SEO positioning, so important in an online marketing strategy if you are an SME.

A positioning strategy with its own domain

IKEA even has a web domain just for the products included in the Retail Therapy campaign. A video was also created to promote this campaign, which has been going viral. Undoubtedly, IKEA has managed to attract the attention of its potential customers, getting closer to their everyday language and giving them a wink.


 ‘He can’t say he loves me.’ But maybe he can write it down?

Although nowadays the positioning for these searches is SEO, in its beginnings IKEA worked a SEM positioning. As we can see in the image, IKEA paid Google Adwords for the first position in Google for queries like ‘he can’t say he loves me’.

IKEA SEM strategy.

In this case, IKEA offers as a result (and solution) magnetic board LUNS. And it offers an answer to the user: ‘but, maybe you can write it down?’

He can't say he loves me.

Like this one, there are dozens of funny examples that try to take the heat off the problems that users consult. And they really succeed.

When children leave home.

He can't plan anything.

My children don't listen to me.

IKEA is where life happens

This is not the first time IKEA has surprised us. It is a company that has gradually won the hearts of its customers. Who doesn’t look forward to the IKEA catalog with excitement? The great knowledge they have of their buyer-personas, together with their value propositions, such as their adjusted prices and their image, allow them to carry out very successful actions, focused on the interest and real needs of their customers and potential prospects.

While we can’t access IKEA’s sales or visitation data to see if these have increased, what is clear is that the company has gotten people talking about them. As you can see, creativity is often the best strategy. What will IKEA surprise us with next time?

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