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The content marketing strategy is one of the most changeable, but also one of the most efficient. Do you already know the trends of 2017? Read more in the post.

We would dare to say that content strategy in the marketing world is one of the most ever-changing. And also one of the most beloved. Love content marketing! It is your great ally and allows you to leave aside cold-door commercial strategies. Which, let’s face it, neither you nor your customers like them.

But don’t worry, new trends don’t mean everything you’ve been doing is wrong. It is just an opportunity to improve, evolve and stand out before anyone else.

We Internet users are tired of always seeing the same thing. We develop a virtual blindness to what our eye already knows. That is why we must make a turn, draw attention to ourselves and say loud and clear: This is my company and there is no other like it!


What’s in store for the content marketing of the future?

Here are the predictions, hypotheses and suspicions that industry experts have begun to make for content marketing in 2017.

According to data from the Content Marketing Institute, the content strategy budget of companies is expected to increase significantly next year.

Offer interactive content: you will be remembered for being different.

Downloadable offers (eBooks, videos…) will continue to be of great value in 2017. It is and will be a good way to get subscribers to your blog and get new leads. But not just any content will do. If anything, you will have to be more creative and offer more practical and eye-catching downloadables.

Internet users will be looking for even higher quality content. They already have a lot of information, they have already learned a lot, they want to go further. Will you offer it to him? Break with the old formats!

A good idea could be to create episodic content, i.e. a story delivered in installments that keeps the user in suspense.

More specific content for a narrower niche market

Thousands and thousands of articles are published every day. I’m sure someone has already talked about almost everything that can be discussed in any industry. So, narrow down your market niche. Make your content more specific even if you are trying to reach a smaller audience for each publication. A good example of this is this website, dedicated specifically to the world of alarms.

Video will continue to be the king and the format with the highest ROI

According to data from the company Syndacast, video will account for 74% of total network traffic in 2017.

As you already know, video marketing not only helps you to create a greater engagement with your customers, but it is also a key factor in the SEO positioning of your website. By including videos in your web strategy, users spend more time on your pages and that translates into more points for Google to position you in the first results.

In addition, video marketing is one of the formats with the highest Return on Investment (ROI). It is worth investing in video marketing, in the short-medium term you will already see great benefits.

Can you imagine your customers creating content for your brand?

It is not new, but it will be almost mandatory in 2017, that the best content for our brand is the one created by consumers themselves.

Our potential customers blindly believe in the words of those who have already been our customers. Therefore, motivate your consumers with offers, gifts or discounts to get them talking about you.

Engaging customers in your content marketing strategy

Influencer marketing: get quality engagement

Long gone are the days when we chased as many followers as possible. Let’s not kid ourselves, these numbers say nothing, they can even be bought.

Quality is better than quantity. It is better to have a thousand followers loyal to your brand, with a strong engagement, than a hundred thousand who do not interact and are not interested in purchasing your products.

In 2017 the figure of the influencer will occupy the first position on the podium of increasing brand engagement. Influencers’ followers believe in their opinions and are interested in the products or companies they showcase on their blog or social networks.

Take advantage of the figure of the influencer, but do not forget that your own content must also be of high quality and provide value to users. If your competitors have already told you about it , improve it.

Inspiring marketing: excites and educates your customers.

Educate, inspire and entertain: that’s what users expect from you. And more and more. It is no longer enough to inform, thousands of blogs simply inform. This 2017 your content must go one step further.

According to the Consumer Behavior Survey published by Hubspot with 2016 data, 33% of internet users would like to find more educational content and classes online.

On the other hand, emotion is closely linked to the purchase decision process, so it is important that you create an emotional bond between your brand and your customers. How? Storytelling is the best format to excite your staff.

Telling a story is not easy, you will have to be creative and think beyond the sale of your products. You want to reach the users’ hearts, not their pockets, remember that. Then, one thing will lead to another.

Stay top of mind

Become a reference company in your sector. Get users to visit your website on a regular basis to keep up to date with the latest news, because they trust what you tell them and know that you are up to date.

You must know what your audience is talking about in order to offer them content about it, but more and better than what they already have. This 2017 you will want to be at the top of mind of Internet users and that is achieved by offering the latest news, presented in an attractive way and with interesting and valuable data.

If you also do it in a creative and fun way, this year 2017 will be your year.

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