4 reasons to include video marketing in your SME

The brain processes information from a video 60,000 times faster than from a text and we retain 65% of the visual message versus 15% of the written one.

If this data is not enough for you, here are four reasons that will convince you of the importance of including video marketing in the strategy of your SME.


Multiply engagement

Video marketing has a great capacity to strengthen the bond between consumers and the brand. The audiovisual experience that a video transmits far exceeds the feelings that a text or a still image can transmit.

Eserp, the business school based in Mallorca, launched this fantastic video to promote its online Masters. In it,  reflects the effort to achieve success and gratitude once the challenge has been met. So much feeling is impossible to express in words.

The spectator, Eserp’s target, puts himself in the protagonist’s shoes and sweats the shirt off his back to achieve the same goal. The consumer identifies with the character and the degree of engagement increases exponentially.



Improve SEO

Obviously, the video is made to broadcast, so it is best to upload it to the company’s corporate YouTube channel and, if it does not yet exist, it is the best excuse to create it. This platform allows us to put a description with a link to the company’s website and, in the same way, we can insert the video on our website. This will also increase the navigation time on our site.

YouTube is the world’s second most used search engine for Internet content after Google, and it is obvious that any video we upload will help improve SEO positioning, apart from generating visits by itself.

Keep these tips in mind when uploading a video to YouTube. There are ways in which you can increase your chances of being seen:

  • Include keywords in your title, description and tags.

  • Includes a call to action

  • Optimize your title with 50 characters or less

  • Make the most of labels

  • Use closed captioning

  • Add your video to a playlist

  • Choose an attractive miniature


Increases conversion

There are, broadly speaking, two types of videos: branded corporate videos  and product explainer videos, both of which increase the conversion rate. There is no doubt that video marketing is a very powerful tool to convince the customer, but how does it achieve this in each type of video?

Corporate videos generate an exceptional engagement between the brand and the client. The brand can transmit to its audience all the good things it has in an attractive way, strengthening aspects of its branding. You can even show your most intimate side, your facilities, your staff…  transmitting confidence and transparency. This feeling of closeness is undoubtedly crucial to increase the conversion rate.

In product explanatory videos, the moving image has a communicative power that other techniques do not have.  They are a very powerful resource that promotes a feeling of trust when making a purchase. A clear example is this video from Logitravel, which shows how to purchase a cruise vacation.



Increase the interaction of your followers on social networks

There is a type of video marketing that is becoming more popular every day. This is the social video, a model designed exclusively to be broadcast on social networks. This is no coincidence. Video accounts for more than 50 percent of the information disseminated online. And it’s like a snowball, rolling, rolling, picking up speed and growing.

Yes. It is like this. Take for example Facebook, one of the most successful social networks with a rate of two million posts per minute. Fascinating! Well, every time a post is shared, the social network’s intelligent robots understand that it is a relevant post and give it notoriety… This way, it will have more chances of being viewed. It’s like a fish biting its own tail. More visits, more visibility.

The same applies to the current posts. If a post is new, Facebook “rewards” it and makes it reach more followers.

Take advantage of all these platforms and make the most of them. With a good video, a powerful storytelling, a careful lighting and staging, and a correct diffusion, nothing will prevent you from growing. More than 93% of marketers are actively using video and more than 50% believe that video marketing results are the best return on investment.

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