Two web examples with Mallorcan seal: Pep Lemon and Teixits Vicens

Each company must have a unique website and communication. If you want to stand out from your competition, don't do what they do. Here are two examples of success.

There is no better way to learn than by good examples. For this reason, we have chosen two websites of companies in Mallorca that perfectly represent the brand values and their online identity. What do they have in common? Both denote the Mallorcan essence. All of them make a nod to the island. And how not to do it? Mallorca is a privileged place, let’s show off!

Pep Lemon
refreshments and sustainability

Pep Lemon is a company dedicated to the production and distribution of soft drinks. With the claim ‘The future is local’, Pep Lemon makes very clear its esteem for the island, its people and its products.


Pep Lemon’s corporate social responsibility is textbook. Not only do they work with ecological products and sustainable packaging to produce their soft drinks, but they also do so through the Amadip association (an organization that works for equal opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities).

Pep Lemon’s website is very visual and does not have too much text. In addition, we love that they do not use stock images but photographs of their own workers, consumers and friends.

Pep Lemon uses its own images on its website.

It is a fresh website because of its colors. In the background we see the silhouette of a slice of lemon, with a refreshing yellow color that matches one hundred percent with its product.

For a company like Pep Lemon, it is essential to make clear what its selling points are. Otherwise, how will we know where to buy your soft drinks? And for this they use a section on their website with a very funny name: Pep Locator. This section redirects us to a customized Google Maps map where each of the places where we can enjoy our Pep soft drink are marked.

Pep Lemon's website is practical for the user.

Pep Lemon’s fight against Pepsi (actually it was Pepsi against Pep Lemon) to keep its distinctive Mallorcan name ‘Pep’ has not gone unnoticed. At Amara we are committed to the value and efforts of local companies. That is why we take advantage of our post to leave you this link to where you can sign to help Pep Lemon entrepreneurs to keep their corporate identity that is so characteristic of them.

Teixits Vicens, craftsmanship and tradition

Is there anything more characteristic of Mallorca than the cloth of tongues(robes de llengües)? Okay, the ensaïmada. But these unique fabrics are also very popular and are the star product of Teixits Vicens.

Teixits Vicens is a company with a long history and this is one of the values that it reflects from the first moment on its website. In all its pages we can see, in the header and right next to the logo, a text that indicates that since 1854 Teixits Vicens has been working with the robes de llengües artesanales.

Artisanal. This is another of the strengths of their product, and they know it well. That’s why they don’t hesitate to make it very clear. And well they do, since artisanal and authentic products are becoming more and more valued.

Teixits Vicens clearly shows its values on its website.

Teixits Vicens is a clear example of a good example of good content strategy. All their strengths are clearly explained on their website: they extol the quality of their products by highlighting their creation. They identify themselves as one of the three unique workshops dedicated to the production and creation of handmade handicrafts. robes de llengües. They also make clear the quality of their fabrics (cotton and linen). In short, they have known how to highlight their strengths through their website. The customers will know that they are acquiring a quality and exclusive product.

They also work periodically on the content of their blog. In addition, when selling products online, they could not miss high quality images. And here, has been able to play its cards very well by using the zoom functionality on product photos. According to an A/B test conducted by Visual Website Optimizer, larger product images increase sales by up to 9%.

Zoomed images can increase online sales.

By having a shopping cart, Teixits Vicens internationalizes its product and reaches a much wider target. Your potential customers will not have to travel to the store to get your products, but can buy what they like from the comfort of their home. It should be noted that Teixits Vicens’ web content is also available in English, which also opens it up to an international target .

Of course, every company and every industry is different. These are just a few of the ideas that are popular, attract attention and are increasingly appreciated by the public. It’s up to you or your creative team to choose what your best strategy is. And, of course, work with a good web design technique.
optimized to perfection.

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