Why does your SME need more positive reviews and how to get them?

Do you know what motivates or inspires consumers to make a purchase? Faced with so much competition and so many marketing tactics, consumers are losing confidence. To regain this trust and improve your reputation you need positive reviews, but how do you get them?

1. What is the current reality of consumers.

If we consider a purchasing process with some complexity, we will see that:


Trust in business has declined

Misinformation and misuse of personal data has caused many people to lose trust in many companies. As HubSpot explains in its report:

HubSpot Survey of Consumer Views on Business Trust

  • 81% of respondents trust advice from friends and family over advice from a business.
  • 69% don’t trust ads and 71% don’t trust sponsored ads on social media.
  • And overall, 55% no longer trust the companies they buy from as much as they used to.

How does this translate?

During the purchasing process, recommendations from friends or family are a priority when making a final decision. And when faced with online products or services, positive consumer reviews are extremely important.

While web content is important in terms of positioning and conversion, reviews (both on third-party sites and on your own channels) that talk about your products or services have become the most credible source of information for consumers to make a decision.

On the other hand, customer service can also be a decisive factor for less skeptical consumers. However, the sales team in charge of providing this service must have an immediate response, since the user’s waiting time to solve any doubt is also a key factor when making a purchase.

Your customers are your best opportunity for growth

Every day Google makes it more difficult for us. The updates of its algorithms are frequent and currently the Snippets of featured pages or the “Other user questions” boxes make us lose positioning and work harder for it. In addition, the RGPD forces us to change our strategy when acquiring more leads. In other words, we must work harder to attract customers.

In summary, these are some factors that have increased the cost of marketing investment and the cost of acquiring our customers. And for this reason, current customers are one of the best opportunities for growth, as long as you invest in strategies to improve their lifetime value (LTV).

By improving customer service and customer experience with your company, you will be improving customer satisfaction and LTV. And in this framework, with happier customers with your products or services, it is easier to get positive opinions that are a reference for other potential consumers. How?

2. Maintaining different channels to leave reviews

Since the reputation and the opinion that consumers have of a company is fundamental to convince other potential customers, it is important to have and get reviews on different platforms. Think also that the channels of attraction are several, so you should get the reviews and ratings of your customers on different platforms that give you visibility and improve your credibility.


Most likely you have already registered your Google My Business account. On the one hand, the most important search engine gives importance to local businesses, so at the level of positioning it is essential to have this account. If not, now is a good time to do it.

But on the other hand, the one that comes to the point, Google My Business allows users to rate your business and rate it. These reviews will appear on users’ search results pages, as the search engine displays the number of reviews of your business and the average consumer rating score.

Also, users can ask questions directly from Google, so easily that they only need to have their Gmail account activated. It thinks that the great search engine will give all the tools available to its users, and that where there are

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