6 tips to master social media technology

Social media can be beneficial for your technology company's online strategy. We recommend six tips for you to master social media.

The expectations of companies that remain stuck in one-way communication can be low, affecting their ROI. Not taking social media into account is like not being online, and if you’re not on social media, you practically don’t exist! Social networks are like a value-added service for your customers-users and an indispensable element in any digital marketing strategy.

Don’t think twice, take the leap, navigate and get the most out of social networks, here are 6 recommendations for your technology company to be an online minnow.


1. Create an attractive profile on the networks


Your leads, your potential customers, visit hundreds of pages a week and your social media profile must capture their attention, seduce, and how to stand out among all the others to increase the visibility of your brand? We must create a visual image (photo or video) that captures the attention and above all that excites followers. It must be attractive enough to get a “like”, don’t be afraid to be creative and innovative.


You must design a Wow page. Pay attention to every detail, the image is not just limited to the logo, but the whole graphic design and the psychology it encompasses to create an emotional bond with the potential user/customer. Your logo, colours and information architecture must convey the values of the company and make the user part of the company.

An attractive and active social profile can generate for your company: visibility, credibility, promotion of new products, customer service, information gathering, branding, brand image, positioning, more followers and web traffic.

Think about what your content is like or what you want it to be like: whether it is more visual or text-based, whether its subject matter is general or sector-specific, whether your business model is B2B or B2C, whether you are looking for branding, customer service, positioning in search engines or responding to your customers with original content. And of course, in which social networks you want to position yourself: twitter, instagram, youtube or all of them. And if we talk about Facebook, create a fan page; they have more visibility, generate more traffic and you can measure everything you do.

A success story is the strategy that Intel has used with its concept “Focus the strategy on the user and their experiences” and not on the company’s products or services when it comes to conquering the hearts of the target audience on social media. Intel has achieved an engagement rate of 3.2% on its fan page out of 22 million followers.

Enough reasons to create a profile for your tech company, don’t you think?

It’s a good reason to do so.

2. Engage your customer-users with videos


In many sectors, video marketing has become the key factor in attracting potential customers, and the technology industry is no exception. Videos humanise companies. Marketing videos are not only useful for closing sales, they are also useful for building trust with your customers.

The success of your video marketing strategy will be complete if your customers come back to buy from you and you build a strong relationship with them. Watch this video from apple, “The Human Family”. It conveys transparency, trust, engagement, generates a lot of traffic and is easy to share.




According to statistics we remember 90% of an explanatory video versus 10% of a written text. Images convey emotions that generate an immediate reaction, which is why video is the preferred content format for users.  So seriously consider making your first video with the aim of spreading your product and service, and generate more interaction with your potential audience. Remember that one of the main strategies of social media is to improve the brand image and awareness of the company, and for this a good element is to make viral videos that are distributed on social platforms such as Youtube.

These are some of the reasons that make a video a successful marketing strategy on social networks: 

  • It’s what users want
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  • Video is highly effective
  • It sets you apart from your competition
  • .

  • It helps improve SEO
  • It helps improve SEO
  • .

  • There are more than 8 billion views per year on Facebook
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But there are several factors to take into account before you start planning a video


  • The content: there are many types of video content, for example: screencasts, webinars and video classrooms.
  • Time: they recommend 15 seconds or less, so users will watch the whole video.
  • Format: You must know the format you need for each platform, for example: on Instagram try square and horizontal formats. The former occupy a larger space, so your content will be more visible. However, not all users like a video to take up the entire screen of their mobile. Horizontal videos take up less space. You should test which one suits you best.
  • Quality and audio: Nobody wants to watch those pixelated videos any more, so the quality must be excellent. Most videos are viewed without audio, you must tell your story visually, with text and graphics, or set them to music. As well as adding subtitles.
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In any case, we must develop a long-term strategy and try to encourage virality in each of the published contents. Virality may not be an option and it is in these cases when a long-term strategy is absolutely necessary.

3. Generate quality content for your leads


Generating databases of potential customers is one of the most profitable business tactics in the long term, as it allows us to open a promotional communication channel with people interested in our product. This allows us to send direct and personal communications through email marketing campaigns, so social networks and lead generation must go hand in hand.

This is why the creation of quality content is the surest way to establish and maintain lasting business relationships, bearing in mind that in the area of technology, information demands a high level of consumption.

For lead generation you can use numerous channels (email marketing, SEM, display campaigns, content marketing), but perhaps the most important factor to take into account is to produce quality content, it is not only about selling more, but also about gaining knowledge about the users, attract your leads with content that really interests them, attract them with a free e-book, a product trial, help them to know, to solve their doubts, become their trusted guru.

A potential customer will be more attracted by a text on the Internet that solves a doubt than by a banner or an advertisement in a newspaper. With your content you can redirect your leads to your website and make yourself known. Use this powerful loudspeaker and make yourself heard. Users of technology companies are looking for answers that help them to silence all their concerns, solutions to solve their problems.

You can also make a help page using landings, these landings usually work with eye catching headlines, bright colours and appealing to the customer’s sense of urgency.

They can also be used as a help page.


4. Optimise your social media presence


To optimise your social media starts by developing as much optimised content as possible for your blogs, videos, online shops and other projects, without well optimised content, your search engine visibility will not be as successful as expected.  

Encourage users to share your content, so that it goes viral on the different networks. Your website should, as far as possible, no longer be static, nor should it be used only as an online brochure, and it should be linked to social networks and these should be linked to it, or to a blog, videos or other social networks.

Remember to put yourself in your user’s shoes, knowing your niche is vitally important, what do they want, what are they looking for, what can you offer them? And finally spread it on different social networks, help your content to travel, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, taking into account which is the social network in which your niche moves better, do not forget that social networks are not unidirectional. Therefore, do not limit yourself to publish your content and wait to receive visits and increase your followers. If you really want this to happen, you need to be active, commenting on your followers’ posts and interacting with them.

5. Try to satisfy your potential customers


The customer-user is the backbone of your company, it is the first and last thing, know it, analyse it and satisfy it, consider the possibility of carrying out a strategy to seduce it, how about a contest, a raffle, a prize or a free gift.

Maybe the B2B model is not the most suitable for this type of campaign, but no one knows better than you if these techniques fit with your potential customers. Everyone likes to receive a free gift, don’t you think? Take your time and think about how you can satisfy your leads.

Lenovo, the Chinese technology company, launched a successful campaign last Christmas in which it invited its audience to upload a 360º video of how they celebrated the festive season. Even though it wasn’t a contest for a prize, it was a huge success. People like to participate and show their creativity.




6. Analyse and repeat what works


Finally, don’t stop working, you must analyse your social media presence well, measure it thoroughly and know what works and what doesn’t work. Which actions on social networks have generated traffic and which have gone unnoticed. And of course keep track of them on a daily basis, never abandon them, always online.

The 70:20:10 rule is also effective in this field. We advise you to allocate 70 per cent of your content to meet the needs of your leads, share 20 per cent content from other sources, and talk about you, your brand, the remaining 10 per cent.

Follow the example of Intel, a tech company with tremendous success on Facebook. Go to their page and take note.

And don’t forget to make your website responsive. Remember that a large part of the traffic you generate through social networks will come from mobiles. Don’t take that risk. Support for mobile devices is one of the most important SEO factors today and in the coming years.

And now, dive into social media like a fish in water!


Images: Pexels

Pictures: Pexels

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