10 steps to create your hotel name

Choosing the name for your hotel is a key decision to present your hotel brand in the tourism sector. Here are 10 steps to take into account to find the right name for your hotel.

1. Take as much time as you need

As they say, rushing is very bad. That’s why we urge you to take your time in creating the name for your hotel. It won’t be enough with a single brainstorm or a single day of reflection, it will probably take you a while to get the right name for your hotel.

This temporary dedication will save you trouble in the future. Imagine that you later lose interest in the name you have assigned to your hotel, and decide to change your name. Introducing this new name in your company would mean a great investment of your time in making the necessary changes, and also a great economic cost. To save yourself from these situations in the future, better spend the time necessary to choose the most appropriate name at the beginning.


2. Define the values of your hotel

The name of your hotel is just a label: your customers will relate that name directly to your services. Therefore, before choosing a name, your team must be very clear about your hotel’s philosophy.

What is your hotel’s reason for existing? What does your hotel offer that your customers can’t get elsewhere? What specific group of customers do you want to have staying at your establishment? What are your goals and what are your objectives to achieve them? These are questions that will take time to answer, but it is undoubtedly a very important process to know thevalues that will support your brand and the differential values of your hotel.


3. Study the current situation in the hotel industry

Just as you have studied your company, you should study the state of your industry. If you take a look at your competitors’ names and study them, you will probably see that some of them have managed to convey their different value in the industry through their name, while others have preferred to go for more common names. 

What do your competitors’ names convey to you? Are they offering the same thing as you? What kind of name could make an impact in the industry right now? These questions can help you analyze the industry and guide you a little further down the path to your hotel name.

4. Say goodbye to traditional names

Competition in the hotel industry is very high, and there will be a lot of hotels with very similar names. For years many have opted for more common words, but there comes a time when their name does not differentiate them. Dare to be different and, among the ideas you choose, opt for the one that you know will define you and also attract attention.

Watch out! Don’t choose very long or complicated words. Taking into account the values of your company, you will surely find many short and attractive words that define the value of your hotel. The goal is that your customers will easily remember the name of your hotel.


5. The name must sell the value of your hotel

No matter how beautiful the words you choose for your name are, remember that there must be a relationship between the name and your brand. If you are clear about your hotel’s philosophy, you will know that not all words will represent it. The key is finding a balance: opt for originality without losing meaning. If you choose a name that does not convey the philosophy of your hotel, it is possible that your brand will lose value.


steps create hotel name

Source: Flickr (CC BY 2.0) Rob Bertholf || Cover photo: Flickr (CC BY 2.0) Phillip Pessar

6. Keep SEO and SEM strategies in mind

The name of your hotel will be a key part of your website strategy, as when using search engines, customers should quickly find the site and the hotel’s website.

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