New Apps for hotels. Attracts millennial tourists.

Meet the hotel apps that will make you stand out among millennial tourists. 20% of tourists belong to Generation Y, attract them to your hotel!

Millennials represent 20% of all tourists worldwide. These are some of his hobbies travelers:

1) They seek added value, feeling. They prefer to invest their money in experiences, rather than in material belongings . So, they are the perfect audience to sell experiences to! Video marketing is a good strategy to capture the attention of millennials. Lure them to your hotel with a good story, make them feel excitement at every stage of their journey.

The 5 stages of the journey according to Google

2) They are looking for the best price, but without neglecting comfort. They won’t mind sharing a room in a hostel, but the establishment will have to pass your requirements. And even if they don’t mind sharing resources, if they can travel like kings at an affordable price, they’re in for a treat! Because after all, how they love to show off on social networks!3) You are chosen for your online reputation. These young tourists make an X-ray of you on the Internet. They are not lazy to compare prices, read reviews and ask on blogs. So take care of your online presence.4) Give them free Wifi and they will become your promoters. Before booking you, these guests will make sure that you have free Wifi accessible from anywhere in your hotel. Offer it to him! Free Wifi is already a must and, besides, don’t you want them to share their experience in your hotel on the networks?

Who better than millennial tourists to try out new technologies? They will love you!

Undoubtedly, to attract a millennial tourist, the main thing is that your business is online. That’s where they’re going to look for you. If they can’t find your brand online, you won’t exist among their possibilities.


Millennials want to plan their own vacations. Therefore, the more options and self-manageable facilities you offer them, the more they will approach you. A blog with quality content about your destination and events will be a good asset for them to find you in the planning phase of the trip and decide to book you.

Here are some of the latest hotel apps that can help you stand out among these new destination devourers. These are technological applications of recent appearance, take advantage of the novelty to stand out!

Hotelinking, the power of sharing

Hotelinking aims to increase direct traffic to the websites of hotels and hotel chains.

It is a platform that generates constant impacts on the hotel’s social networks. But the best part is that these messages are created by the guests themselves. At the end of the process, these actions translate into a large increase in the number of visits to the hotel’s website and, consequently, in a greater number of of 
direct bookings

And, at , Hotelinking helps to promote the hotel brand on social networks.

Hotelinking App for hotels

Guestperience, improving guest experience

Guestperience meets the needs of millennials by offering them the possibility to personalize their vacations to the fullest. Guests can request any service from the hotel through the Guestperience application.

For the hotel, it is a way to increase consumption within the establishment and, for the guest, it is a way to improve their vacation experience.

From Guestperience the user will obtain information about events, restaurants, geolocation… Through the guest’s queries from the application, the hotel will be able to know their tastes and needs, building loyalty and improving its database for future marketing campaigns.

Guestperience hotel application


Houtel. Communicate before, during and after your stay.

Houtel is an application that allows the hotelier to to be in constant contact with your guests. Through notifications, mail or chat, the customer can contact the reception staff wherever he/she is, requesting a service or making a query.

Houtel is designed to improve communication with customers before, during and after their stay. You will be able to send offers or invitations to events to your guests and continue to engage them even after they have left.

This App also will allow you to publish and update at the moment all the information of your hotel’s services, thus increasing the consumption within the establishment. The customer will be informed of all your services!

Houtel also allows you to include travel guides and external information such as events taking place at the destination.

New application for hotels called Houtel

HotelYou, hotels that look for people

Although it is currently a website, HotelYou is already working on its App for smartphones.

HotelYou is a platform aimed at guests but you should have a presence on if you want to be part of the innovation of the sector.

Your potential customers will enter in HotelYou the requirements about the hotel they are looking for. If you are registered on their website, you will receive this information and will be able to contact them with an offer they cannot refuse.

This is a complete turnaround of the search process. The slogan of HotelYou is “hotels that look for people”, leaving aside the classic navigation of the guest through dozens of pages to find the hotel that best suits their tastes and needs. With HotelYou the user will comfortably receive in his email the proposals of the hotels.

Website for hotels looking for people called HotelYou

Although in this post we have decided to highlight these four Apps for hotels, new applications are constantly being born for the tourism sector. Would you highlight any other?

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