Attracting MICE tourism: Increasing your hotel’s revenue through events

Do you target your services only to leisure travelers? MICE tourism is on the rise once again, so don't miss the opportunity to expand your offer. Start creating your exceptional MICE strategy by reading our new blog post!

Why is it important to consider MICE tourism for your business

If you are still considering expanding your services to the MICE tourism market, the following facts will help you decide.

#1 European MICE spending is on the rise

Cuts in MICE spending during the years of the economic crisis surely affected the industry, but now times are changing and the MICE industry, once again, is on the rise. More and more countries are investing in MICE, plan to spend more to organize their events and conferences outside the home country and promote other destinations when organizing events on a different scale. According to American Express, MICE spending in Europe is increasing compared to Latin America, and will catch up with growth rates in North America.{{cta(‘bb2971b9-bf36-4c36-8edc-75223dba5208’)}}

#2 MICE travelers’ spending is much higher than that of leisure travelers

This is because most MICE travelers’ expenses are covered by their company, while leisure travelers generally pay for themselves. Even if the company only covers some costs, such as transportation and accommodation, MICE travelers still have greater purchasing power, as they do not have to spend their budget on the most expensive elements of the trip.

#3 54% of all business travel is MICE travel

WTO and IPK International reported that in 2014, the proportion of MICE within business travel was estimated at 54%. Traditional business tourism is undergoing changes stimulated by the development of technology that allows meetings to be held via videoconferencing. MICE tourism, on the other hand, is only increasing in demand.

How to attract MICE tourism clients? Best practices.

Some hotels attract business and MICE travelers simply because of their location, but often hotels need a much more sophisticated marketing plan to succeed in the MICE arena. Here are 4 best practices for your hotel to attract this type of audience more effectively.

#1 Define your market

In order to design a powerful marketing strategy to attract MICE tourism clients, there are a few things to consider. Start by defining your market and answering questions such as, what services can you offer, what needs of MICE travelers can you best meet. At this stage you should be clear what are your KSPs (Key Selling Points), what are your values and which customers can appreciate them the most.

Maybe, your hotel has a strategic location that will be in demand for a specific event. Or perhaps, your facility stands out because you have spacious plenary session rooms that can accommodate a large number of participants. Many hotels have their ballroom double as plenary session rooms as well. 

What facilities do MICE clients study when choosing a venue?

There are quite a few points that MICE clients take into account when considering a venue for their event. Here’s a list of the top 8:


  1. Cozy facilities 
  1. Session rooms
  2. Conference rooms
  3. Group session space
  2. Location of the site
  1. Distance and connectivity
  2. Destination image
  3. Security
  4. Authenticity
  5. Places of interest in and around the location
  6. Climate
  3. Technical equipment for events
  1. Internet connection and Wi-Fi
  2. Video and sound
  3. Projection and presentation
  4. Interpreting equipment
  5. Lighting
  4. Catering