Benefits of video marketing for your hotel chain

Video marketing is not a fad. This is an upward trend. There are many benefits of video marketing for your hotel chain.

It is clear that video is in fashion. But it is not a passing fad. This is an upward trend. There are many benefits of video marketing for your hotel chain. The latest statistics make this clear:

  • Video accounts for 55% of Internet traffic consumption and in 2017 the figure will rise to 67%.

  • 7 out of 10 people positively change their perception of your brand after viewing your hotel video.

  • 85% of people who viewed your hotel’s video are more likely to book than those who did not.

  • 75% of the people who have seen your video share it.


Interesting figures, don’t you think? But it’s a pity that most medium and small hotel chains think it doesn’t suit them. Let us tell you that you are wrong. Today, a large or small chain or a simple ten-room establishment can and should have a promotional video. It’s a key piece of Inbound marketing, in general small business terms, so it stands up for itself. 

But if we focus on the hotel sector, there are two lines, just two distinct axes, that have a lot of benefits and that will trigger an increase in your bookings.

Experiential line

A vide is a storytelling, a narration, the essence of content marketing. So advocates Sarah Mitchell, Director of Content Strategy at Lush Digital Media. It is the ideal bait to create engagement, to connect with the audience, with your future customers. In addition, it is a way for the public to put “a face” to your brand because it makes it visible.

Rational line

We could go on forever telling you about the wonders of video marketing. It is a key piece to improve your SEO positioning. Think about it. Don’t get left behind. The hotel world is highly competitive and it pays to be there. Can you imagine your video being shared by thousands of people? We’re not saying it’s easy. What is clear is that if you don’t bet on it, you will never succeed. Here you will find some tips that will help you to improve your positioning on the net

Of course you can make a video with your cell phone, or ask for help from your neighbor’s friend who showed you his shiny new camera last month… But do you really leave the image of your hotel in his hands? Do you know how many times a video goes around the Internet? Do you really want people around the world or, more importantly, your potential customers to have a perception of your hotel that does not match reality? Get advice from the best. In things like this, you shouldn’t gamble.

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