Improve your hotel’s brand strategy

Are there any distinctive features in the brand strategy of similar hotels or hotel chains?

Legend has it that John Fareed, the internationally recognized consultant, writer and professor whose innovative ideas and practices are changing the conversation about marketing what we call “hospitality” or the hotel industry, made a bet in a meeting with senior hotel managers and owners. He urged them to determine the differences between large hotel chains. No need to tell you that he won the bet. There are no significant differences among today’s hotel chains beyond a generalized class of service and rates.

It is clear that we start from a base with demanding minimum requirements. In other words, we are talking about hotels with very good room service, unbeatable gym facilities, swimming pools, bars, restaurants… And a host of amenities. At this point, is customer loyalty important? What is the difference between one chain and another?


If you look at it from a hotelier’s point of view, you know that if your prices are competitive, you have good facilities, a good location and some kind of loyalty program, you can stay on the crest of the wave. But these are the basic needs of today’s hotel business, not the basis for brand building. A brand, by itself, does not guarantee success. It is necessary to work on the brand from a global and strategic point of view..

The hotel brand should be a reflection of the customer. In essence, it must answer the most important question, “Who am I when I use this product or service?”.

The fact that hotels linked to hotel chain brands have been increasing lately is because, like it or not, they bring added value to both hotel guests and other companies, as long as the brand is a respectable firm, of course.

It is essential to work on the brand, and for this, as you know, there are experts in the field. Don’t let luck decide the future of your business. Luck is at work, and we will be here, if you wish… working to make your business future bright.

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