Identify and get potential customers for your hotel

As a hotelier, we know you want to get more potential customers. Increase the occupancy of your hotel by identifying your guests.

To get these potential customers, we must know very well what is the profile of our guest, that is, our buyer-persona (semi-fictitious profiles of our customers). If you want to learn more about buyer-persona profiles, you can do so in this post of our blog. 

Delivering the right content, to the right customer at the right time and in the right place

Once we have defined who our potential customers are (families with young children? Young couples? Both?), we must get them to come to us. Yes, exactly, the customer must be the one to reach you. With Inbound Marketing we stop chasing the customer to be found by him. Inbound Marketing strategies, also known as attraction marketing, consist of offering the right content to the right customer at the right time and in the right place.


Inbound Marketing strategies will allow you to position yourself online and connect with your customers, creating a long-term relationship with them.

Inbound Marketing. Content and context.

Once we have a clear idea of what our customers are like, we will be able to generate appropriate content for them. What would they search for on the web? Write about it.

But not only the content we offer is important, but also when and where we offer it.

When to offer content (traveler’s journey)

Not all of your potential customers are at the same point in their buying process. Some may be thinking about when or where to go on vacation and others may already have their tickets purchased and are looking to book accommodation.

This traveler’s purchase process is known as the traveler’s journey. Depending on the moment in which your potential customer is, he will be looking for one or another content. That is why it is important that you take into account all these stages in order to offer interesting content at whatever stage your potential customer is at.

Traveller's Journey

Where to offer content (multichannel)

Do your guests spend many hours daily on Facebook? So, without a doubt, this is a channel in which your hotel will have to dedicate a lot of time and effort.

You may be wondering how to obtain this information. On the one hand, if you have created the profiles of your buyer-personas, you should already know if your customers go online to search for information, if they spend a lot of time on social networks, etc.

But there is more! With a
 CRM software for hotels
you will be able to identify from which channels your visitors come from, how your users behave and, therefore, you will be able to act accordingly.

Maybe you are investing a lot of effort in a social network that is not really the right one or your keywords are not working very well in organic search and you should look for others. A CRM can provide you with this type of information and help in this regard.

Hotel CRM. Personalize and automate to the maximum thanks to segmentation.

Of course, the task does not end here. Once we have managed to identify who our potential customers are, we have offered them enough interesting content to turn them into leads (sales opportunities) and, therefore, we have their contact? Exactly! Now it’s time to turn them into customers and, to top it off, into promoters of our hotel.

Personalize communications with your guests

We all want to feel special and your guest will be no less. Therefore, it is very important that all messages addressed to him are personalized. Did she visit your hotel on a special date, such as her wedding anniversary? I hope you’ve noted this important piece of information in your CRM! If you have done so, you can invite him on the same dates next year, reminding him that he visited you for his anniversary, how much fun he had and that you can also prepare something special to surprise his partner. Who could refuse such a personalized offer?

Of course not all your messages can be as specific but, what is clear, is that you cannot send a family offer to a couple without children, or vice versa, an Adults Only stay to a family that always travels with their children.

By including all your customers’ data in your CRM, you will be able to know their habits and act accordingly. You will be able to create automations to take care of your database users. For example, by sending a promotional code to your premium customers, or congratulating birthdays by offering a discount as a gift.

Or you can go much further and create more personalized workflows, depending on how the user interacts with your website. In this post you can learn more about workflows.

Segment and you will win

Segmenting your customers is just as important as personalization. With your hotel CRM you will be able to set guidelines to send personalized offers according to each type of customer, at the time that each market needs it. Be ahead of your guests’ desires and make them as loyal as possible! 

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