Need ideas for your loyalty programme?

Here is a list of possible actions to carry out a loyalty program and three examples of the best chains.

1. The seven most successful loyalty ideas

Today, a loyalty program is a must for any hotel establishment. For both boutique hotels and large chains, this strategy is key to creating repeat customers. In such a competitive market where customers have a wide range of hotel offerings, targeting only new customers is a risky move. Therefore, building loyalty among your existing customers, and turning them into repeat guests of your hotel, is a more achievable option.


Thanks to new technologies, the hotel industry has very useful tools for attracting customers or building customer loyalty. In this case, the best tool for managing repeat customers is the loyalty software. However, for the software to work successfully, you must offer your customers attractive proposals for them. Do you need ideas to surprise your guests? Here are seven ideas that will inspire you.


1.1. Create a loyalty card with redeemable points

This is a widespread practice among large chains and highly recommended. And why? Because there is no more exciting challenge for a customer than earning points on every purchase, and knowing that there are goals to get exclusive gifts. Perhaps you have fallen into the nets of this practice in a supermarket or shopping mall, for example. And yes, it can be very effective in your hotel. 

Give personalized cards to your most loyal customers and offer them points to redeem for services in your hotel such as towel rental, parking, wifi or even complete stays. Mark a list of rewards for point amounts. Offer actions that customers value, but that do not cost you too much. Remember, it is better to err on the side of generosity than greed.

1.2. Treat loyal customers with special attention

Guests like to feel special. From dozens to hundreds of people can pass through a hotel every day, coming in and out of the establishment. And since guests already have an idea of how a hotel works, they already have an idea of what to expect when they arrive.

That’s why many guests love to find special touches that make them feel unique. What better opportunity than to take advantage of a vacation to live an exclusive experience and then brag about it in front of family and friends?

So you can design a series of actions that make your customers feel special, actions that give a touch of exclusivity to their stay at your hotel. For example, prepare table reservations with a VIP sign, reserve parking spaces before their arrival, welcome notes or a detail from room service. Any action of this type generates a strong positive impact and does not imply an economic cost, simply a careful organization among all the hotel staff.

1.3. Offer promotions

Whether it is for new or repeat customers, both groups of customers love promotions. There are guests who opt to spend certain nights at a hotel depending on which one fits their pocketbook best. But when there are promotions they can take advantage of and extend their stay, it’s hard to resist the temptation.

For example, give away one night’s stay for every nine-night booking, offer a 50% discount on the fourth night, or a 25% discount if the customer books a friend or family member.

Use emailing or social networks 

To spread the word about promotions. But remember that using your communication channels with your target audience must be used strategically, and without abusing them to publish promotions. Yes, your customers love promotions, but you don’t want them to remember your hotel solely for the discounts, do you?

So the best way to keep promotions from hurting you is simply to plan the launch of promotions at the right time and in the right place. Also, remember that on these channels you build your reputation online.

1.4. Give upgrades

Surprising your customer is sometimes a complex mission, but not impossible if you take the time to study in pr

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