Influencers, the new must in hotel social networks

Do you already know about influencer marketing? Social networks have become increasingly important. And hotels have been able to take advantage of these new platforms.

Influencer marketing consists of establishing collaboration agreements with different figures considered influential among the public. They will be in charge of spreading our brand’s message and reaching a wider audience or a sector that we can’t reach. So, if you still don’t know enough about influencer marketing, there’s still time to get up to speed.

It has never been easier to share an opinion about a product or an experience (a trip, for example) than it is now. And all thanks to social networks. If you encourage your customers or different influencers to share their experience in your hotel, you will completely change the buying process of your potential customers. Through this content generated by real guests, users who are considering booking a stay at your hotel will have access to authentic, reliable and valuable reviews.


If you want your hotel to gain online visibility and if you want to increase your occupancy, hiring a community manager is no longer enough. You will also need to partner with some influencers to spread the word about your brand.

Who can be your influencers? Anyone who is trusted by the audience and has the power to influence the audience’s buying decisions. An influencer can be a customer who is truly engaged with your brand. Or it could also be a blogger or a vlogger (a video blogger).

According to a study conducted by Nielsen, “92% of consumers trust recommendations from other people – even if they don’t know them personally – over promotional content that comes directly from brands”. In fact, 70% state that online reviews are their second most trusted source of information.

You’re still wondering if influencer marketing is worth investing resources in. Let us show you how influencers can benefit your hotel. They will create awareness of your hotel by introducing your brand directly to their own followers. They can also get more traffic to your website by adding a link on their blog or social media profiles.

Thanks to influencers, your hotel can also gain visibility on social networks. This way, you will get more fans. Last but not least, influencers can help you reverse any negative feedback your brand may have had.

According to some studies, in addition to increase your profits by sharing your brand’s message, an influencer can also get your brand’s message across. customer loyalty. In fact, customers who decide to buy a product or hire a service thanks to the opinion of an influencer have almost a 40% chance of finally becoming an influencer. brand-loyal customers.

In short, if you partner with the right influencers for your industry, you will gain new customers and increase your profits. Also, don’t forget that the opinions of influencers or verified customers create more trust in potential customers than the content you offer them directly from your hotel.

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