3 steps to success with your blog

If you have a blog you will know the importance of attracting customers. We must make our blog unique and unrepeatable in order to maximize results.

The problem is that every day hundreds of blogs are born all over the world and we have to compete with them. Our blog has to elbow its way through the tide of blogs surfing the Internet to stand out and be the one chosen by readers.

So we must make our blog unique and unrepeatable, in order to maximize results… which, in short and being honest, is what really interests us.

Three steps to succeed with your Blog

If you want to be a successful blogger, we recommend you to read this fantastic book by Jeff Bullas: 8 keys steps to blogging mastery“, which you can download for free. But if you want a shorter, faster and also more effective recipe, you should undoubtedly follow these three steps. Take note!


  1. Highly interesting content. You must stay true to a theme. Only in this way will your followers become regulars and see you as a true expert in the field. If, on the contrary, every day you write about a different topic, you will not be taken into consideration no matter how interesting the post is. Being faithful to a topic, obviously related to your professional sector, will provide you with opportunities to build link-building of specific content. Within your field, choose for each entry an attractive, useful topic, and, if possible, with information that does not expire. It is important that in each post, your readers learn new things. We must pursue their surprise at the information we offer.

  1. Encourage participation / interaction. A fun way to engage your readers is to incorporate a LiveChat. It is a very common tool among companies that offer direct support to their customers, but we can also use it in a post to know what our followers think. As in everything, abuse is bad. So we recommend that you choose well in which posts to include it. Other options are to encourage the reader to publish our information on social networks; ask them a direct question for them to answer or simply conduct a survey on the topic of the next post.

  1. Include images or videos. A picture is worth a thousand words… in addition, it is very attractive to complement the information with a careful and artistic photograph, or an illustrative or funny video. This is evidenced by a recent study conducted by Newswhip on common content marketing actions carried out by major brands that stand out in the field. Ah! And don’t forget to choose an impactful headline, write in an orderly manner, with correct spelling and with an attractive design.

Magic does not exist. So if you feel rushed, go to the experts… Now that you have the tool and know its power, don’t let chance decide the future of your business.

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