The importance of understanding the tourist: the travel journey

Knowing in the tourism sector the travel journey is necessary for the industry development

These are complicated times for sales in the tourism sector. Consumers change so rapidly that being attentive to their needs requires more and more effort. This phenomenon is even more complicated on the Internet, because the channels are multiplying, the data generated are enormous and the forms of communication are very diverse. As one of the reflections of this revolution we have WhatsApp, that in less than three years has revolutionized communication with more than 800 million active users.

A report by Econsultancy and Oracle entitled. Cross-Channel Marketing Report 2015 shows that marketers understand the need to be proactively present in the different channels, but at the same time highlights the difficulties they have in implementing concrete actions and achieving results.

Understanding the tourist: The traveller journey

As can be seen in the report, still much of the budget, effort and priorities are dedicated to social media, web and email marketing projects. However, themobile channel is gaining much prominence within marketing departments. In this regard, as part of the marketing mix, 46% of respondents used the mobile channel in 2014 and increased to 54% in 2015.


In addition to channels, the report highlights the importance of having full knowledge of the travel journey to optimize relationships and enhance opportunities for customer conversion and loyalty. In 2014, 43% of respondents felt they had a comprehensive understanding of the travel journey, but in 2015 this has fallen to 39%. Despite this reduction, the report continues to confirm that second only to in preparing a strategy, understanding the travel journey is the most important factor in being able to execute successful cross-channel marketing projects.

Companies in the industry are already making serious moves to increase customer understanding. For example, KLM uses Salesforce to fully track customer interactions.

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