Video in tourism as a source of inspiration

Video in tourism is undoubtedly an excellent way to gain the confidence needed to close the sale and increase the conversion rate.


Video in tourism is undoubtedly an excellent way to gain the trust necessary to close the sale. Consciously or not, the buyer knows that video is much more difficult to ‘fake’ than an image or text, especially in small companies without spectacular means. Accompanied by a coherent work of textual and photographic content, video marketing acts as a red carpet of welcome, leading the customer to the booking.


Advance the experience

Undoubtedly, a correctly developed audiovisual provokes positive emotions in the buyer. The rhythm, the language, the tone of the voice-over, the soundtrack and suggestive images transfer the client to the experience they will live once at their destination.

Video in tourism increases conversions by 40%.

B2B and B2C

There is a certain tendency to believe that video marketing in tourism belongs only to the B2C world. However, and with the right approach, it is an excellent letter of introduction in B2B environments.

A great opportunity

Even so, few online tourism businesses include video in their content. What is the reason for this? Don’t they know him, don’t they believe in him? It is not due to any of these reasons; video is not abundant because it is a complex development and many tourism companies do not know how to carry it out with guarantees of success while maintaining budgets for other activities.

Assured conversions

Yes, indeed. With more than two and a half million visits received in the last six months, many companies achieved increases in direct bookings of up to 40%. In this way, the investment made is, in a short time, amortized.

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