What is gamification? Apply it to your website

Tips on how to create a marketing project using gamification techniques

And you may ask, what is gamification? Does it come from the word game? Gamification (of Anglo-Saxon origin), also called ludification or gamification, is the use of game techniques in non-game environments in order to enhance and provide all the values generated by the game. Specifically in marketing, it is a highly powerful tool. Major brands such as McDonald’s, Nike or Heineken have made use of this technique to promote their products. At this website has some interesting and very funny examples .

In a gamification process there are no established rules, although we should propose a challenge to be overcome through a fun or stimulating experience. Once this objective has been achieved, the user or participant will receive a reward… What reward? Well, it depends… it could be a prize, discounts on certain products, discovering a surprise, improving a score…

Gamification can take place in a real environment or in a virtual environment, such as social networks.

This technique can be used in a real environment or in a virtual environment, such as social networks. In the online environment it allows you to move from connectivity to engagement in a very easy way. In addition, if used properly, it will help us to build customer loyalty, increase the level of attention of the audience, add value to our brand, promote the virality of the contents… 


It is clear that if gamification is established within a well-structured marketing plan, the benefits are endless. In addition, you should know that you don’t have to be a large company to use this powerful tool. It can be applied to all products and can be adapted to any budget.

In fact, we have compiled some tips for you to create a gamification project.

  1. Design an attractive challenge for your customers.

  2. Develop a simple, impactful and engaging game.

  3. Get more than just player participation. Remember: our goal is to win them as customers.

  4. Pursue virality.

  5. It offers a rewarding prize that no one can resist.

As a marketing strategy it almost never fails. Everyone has a competitive streak, no matter how small, and we all like recognition and awards. Go for it, you’ll probably be surprised with the results.

Benefits of including gamification in your website

Gamification is a attractive marketing technique that offers many advantages. It is not the same to open a bland website with no interesting content than to enter a pleasant online environment that attracts our attention, that encourages us to participate or that, in some way, makes us accomplices in something, don’t you think?

Gamification achieves that
with the customer and much more
. Could we include this technique in our hotel website? No doubt about it. Get inspired by this example from Travelzoo, an American OTA (online travel agency) that promoted a fun game with trivia questions and an interactive map about its visitors’ knowledge of British literature.  

gamification Travelzoo

 Gaming is ageless and has many benefits, both online and offline. Today we will focus on what gamification can do for your website. You will be surprised!

Improved user experience

How does it achieve this? Very simple. Most Internet users love interactive processes full of fun, with challenges, with incentives, competitive; just like video games. Curiosity and enthusiasm drive users to enjoy the experience. It’s as simple as that.

The user experience focuses on 4 basic axes: usability, usefulness, accessibility and functionality. Gamification can provide these 4 pillars with the necessary engagement to complete that experience. The user should enjoy browsing your website, and a game can greatly enrich their digital adventure.

Improved SEO positioning

That engagement generated by the games, in turn, benefits your SEO positioning because users will want to stay longer on your website and return to it more frequently. Google takes these two aspects into account for organic SEO. Don’t forget it!

As the Italian philosopher Machiavelli said: the end justifies the means. And, although these means are very rewarding, gamification is a channel or a way that will allow you to make your website climb positions in a natural way.


The dynamics associated with this marketing strategy guarantee a two-way communication between brand and users, the so-called “3.0 relationship”. This relationship favors loyalty because the web user feels important, there is feedback.

You can use gamification as a reward to get an offer, special discounts or additional services during the customer’s stay in your hotel. As an example, you could offer your customers a bottle of champagne to welcome them to your establishment if they correctly answer a few questions about the destination, once they have made their online reservation. A fun way to interact with them directly.

In addition,  can also encourage them to share their participation in the game through their social media accounts, such as Facebook or Twitter. In this way, you will be able to make the leap beyond the web and have a greater reach. If the user shares that they are having fun with your game, why  wouldn’t their contacts want to? 

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