What is Lead Nurturing? Improve the relationship with your customers

The Lead Nurturing technique, one of the strategic pillars of Inbound Marketing, can help us establish a quality relationship with our leads.

In addition,  according to  the Hubspot platform, since the first visit to our site can take up to 30 days for this request for information to become a real sale, that is, if it actually happens.  This is a great opportunity to create profit, don’t you think?

So, the question arises as to how we can  convert that potential loss of leads into future sales.  Techniques such as Lead Nurturing, one of the strategic pillars of Inbound Marketing, can help us establish a quality relationship with our leads, based on offering them the necessary information, at the right time and to the right person.

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What is Lead Nurturing?

Simply put, Lead Nurturing consists of creating valuable relationships with our customers, adapting content to each stage of their buying process (Buyer’s Journey). By means of the  automated sending of e-mails, with specific contents, we try to direct the customer through this process, offering them information that creates added value and avoiding the recurrent e-mail for commercial purposes.

As a starting point, we must know our buyer persona in depth, having the necessary information about what information he/she will require depending on the stage of the buying process in which he/she is (buyer’s Journey).

Lead Nurturing - buyer's journey

By tracking and monitoring certain services and/or products on our site, we can narrow down the visitor’s profile, learning more about their interests, motivations and purchase intentions.


How can we carry out successful campaigns based on lead nurturing?

Like many other disciplines, Inbound Marketing is not an exact science. Even so, we can establish some basic principles that a Lead Nurturing campaign should follow to ensure success.

As you should already know, there is no infallible recipe for the application of these techniques, since it depends to a great extent on the profile and behavior of the buyers identified. Even so, we can offer you the following basic principles of a good Lead Nurturing strategy:

1. What do I want to achieve?

Any strategy requires planning, so the first step should be to establish the objectives  that you want to achieve with the application of this methodology. Remember that these must be  SMART! (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and  based on a time horizon).

2. Who do I want to address?

Correctly identify the person  and the stage of the process they are in to determine the appropriate message.  Put the customer and their needs at the center of your strategy. 

3. Adapt the content

As we have already mentioned, the key to lead nurturing is content. So, adapt it to each stage of the customer’s buying process.  If a customer asks us for more information on how to customize their stay, what should we send them? A simple brochure, a price list, information on activities, etc. 

Remember, offer value in each of your communications and not simple information. How? For example, by sending videos, ebooks or webinars.

4. Always include a Call to Action

It is never too late to get information from your customers. So,  do not miss this opportunity and introduce a call to action in every communication.

Always keep in mind that they must be aligned with previously established objectives and must create value for your customers.

5. Be patient

You probably already know the behavior of your customers and your industry. Use this information in your lead nurturing campaigns.

How? Being patient. As we have said, you must accompany your customers during their buyer’s journey with useful and interesting content.  If you push too much non-relevant information, you will lose a golden opportunity.

6. Measuring results

Follow up, follow up and more follow up! Review metrics and results to see if you are meeting the objectives set in the first stage.

If they are not being met, do not worry, you will be in time to implement measures to get on track to the result. 


 How can we optimize our lead nurturing work?

There are countless tools that make our work easier, however, we will stick with Hubspot. Why? Hubspot is a very complete tool that allows you to work on all phases of Inbound Marketing, from content management to SEO optimization. Automation and real-time results analysis are also very easy, simple and intuitive processes with Hubspot.

Let’s go step by step. What channels do we work with for lead nurturing and can we manage with Hubspot? The most important are email, social networks and blogging.

Email workflows

Not everyone is ready to buy your product or service the first time they enter your website, aren’t they? Email nurturing campaigns are essential to keep the flame alive with this type of potential customers. And to get them, little by little, to advance towards the end of the Buyer’s Journey, to convert by falling through our funnel and to become loyal.

But the business world is not a magical world; things don’t just happen. In order to convert a contact into a lead, we must offer valuable content and generate trust. Nurture him little by little. How? With email, a personalized and direct communication tool.

With Hubspot you can easily and simply create workflows to streamline your work. You will be able to send massive but personalized emails, segment contacts, offer specific information to each one of your leads in an automated way… You will also be able to measure open rates, do A/B tests of any of the parameters of your email and an endless number of possibilities that will surely leave you open-mouthed. Once you try it, you won’t be able to live without it…

workflow Lead Nurturing

Program RRSS content

The same applies to the management of social networks.
social media.
With Hubspot you will save time and effort by prioritizing your social interactions and improving communication with those who really matter to you.

Hubspot allows you to publish directly on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google +, from the same platform where you build your campaigns. In addition monitor all comments, create customized feedback streams and keyword monitoring so that all members of your team can post interactions in the shortest possible time, and trigger email alerts to specific people in your team when a specific keyword or hashtag is posted.

This way you won’t miss the opportunity to engage with your followers, nurture opportunities or delight your leads.

Blog Management

Blogging is essential to make ourselves known and offer valuable content.  This content, in fact, will be key to our emailing campaigns.

Imagine you run a hotel with a spa and you know that 10 people in particular have downloaded an offer of the new trends in signature massages. What can you do? For example, send them a new e-mail with a discount or more information on the subject.

The blog is also a key part of a lead nurturing strategy, and Hubspot allows you to publish relevant, engaging and conversion-optimized content with tools that speed up creation, maintain consistent formatting and make it easy to optimize for search.

With post templates, you will be able to focus all your efforts on offering attractive content, because the optimization will be very easy for you.
optimization will be very, very easy for you.


Lead Nurturing Blog


Hubspot is a complex platform that brings together all the online tools through which you have contact with your customers: website, blog, emailing and social networks. It also includes a powerful and practical CRM. And all this, without forgetting to measure your marketing funnel in one place with integrated analytics, reports and dashboards. Everything you need to be a more efficient marketer and base your work on real data. Need more reasons to use Hubspot?

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