What you need to boost your hotel’s social media strategy

There are hotels that still do not include social networks in their marketing strategy. Here we will see how to boost your hotel's social media strategy...

In 2015, 73% of Americans already had a profile on a social network. That percentage is expected to grow by 5% by the end of 2016. However, there are hotels that still do not include social networks in their marketing strategy, or if they do, it is not in an appropriate way. So we will see how to boost your hotel’s social media strategy.

Direct communication with your buyer persona

A simple way to establish direct contact with your buyer persona is through networks. To attract and convert prospects you have to be present on the platforms they use. Social media allows you to personalize messages targeted to you. In fact, through the networks you can adapt your message and give a specific answer to each problem, instead of answering in a general way.


Talking directly to your potential customer makes them feel special, as well as creating dynamic content. Always keep in mind that the importance you give to your customer or potential customer is decisive to achieve their loyalty..

Boosting Social Media

Relevant content

Being on social media allows hotels to better understand the needs of their buyer personas, as they are always changing and evolving. This is when you must adapt both your strategy and your content.

However, many companies continue to publish irrelevant content that does not provide any educational information for their buyer personas. Each post has to include content that allows your persona to take a step further in theirjourney (buyer’s journey). Never forget that your information has to be useful and that the user will share it and create their own relevant content that can promote your business.

Intelligent use of social networks

The last problem, but not least, is the use of social media in your industry.

You have to post frequently because this allows you to attract more users to your social platforms. Continuously posting relevant content will make it possible to convert your visitors into leads, leads into customers and so on.

Being present in the networks gives you a great advantage, since you can influence the way people see your hotel. So you need to clearly define your offer and to whom it is addressed. And then, you have to send a coherent and consistent message on each of the platforms you use.

Social networks are essential for an efficient marketing strategy. There is still time to join the social networks and keep up with the pace. But don’t forget to take it one step at a time.

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