Open your eyes to cross channel marketing

Cross channel marketing is a new sales technique that integrates different channels, all conceived as one.

What is cross channel marketing? It is the fact of combining two or more channels in the same purchase process. A client, Arturo, is visiting the website of a newspaper X on a Sunday morning from his laptop and sees a display ad for a rural hotel about 100 kilometers away from his home town. Moved by the impulse, Arturo clicks on the ad and is directed to a page where he can download a discount brochure for 20 percent off a hotel night. The next day, on his way to work, he remembers that photo of a splendid cow grazing in a green meadow and, while having coffee, with his cell phone, he decides to become a fan of the hotel’s Facebook page and visits its website. A couple of days later, from his office computer, he receives an e-mail with a specific offer of a free spa hour at the hotel for him and a companion. Without thinking twice, access the ecommerce and book a room for the next weekend. Cross channel marketing is a new practice, a new sales technique, that integrates different channels and conceives them as one and the same.


It is clear that if Arturo has been interested in a hotel from his laptop and then insisted through his cell phone, the hotel should follow him through the whole process. In addition, the hotel’s marketing department, if it has one, must keep in mind not only the various physical devices, but the varied and disparate online channels through which Arturo has sought information. Read Google, Facebook, Twitter, your own website…The online world has opened up an almost infinite field for marketing and brand diffusion. However, we must know where our users are passing through in order to follow them… otherwise, the immensity of their potential will be of no use..

Finding oneself alone in front of this infinite field is not an easy task. This  website  may help you understand the importance of cross channel marketing, but you know, if you feel that the train is running faster than you, go to the experts. Experience, although it is the name we give to our mistakes, is a degree… Don’t forget it!

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