Fernández Coca: “The key is to feel like travelers”.

Interview with Fernández Coca, teacher, illustrator and communicator, about the relationship between tourism and the world of design, and his project with Logitravel.

He has extensive experience in the publishing world with the publication of several books on design and production in web environments. Also has made illustrations that have become the image of large projects or companies, such as the pedagogical setting of children’s hospitals or Gas Natural Fenosa.

But today we wanted him to talk to us about the relationship between tourism and the world of design and his project with Logitravel, because he has also created the image of this great online travel agency based in Mallorca.  



 How do you see the relationship between the world of design and the world of tourism? Are there any associated trends that limit the designer’s creativity?

Creativity is limited by the previous order. It is not so much that it is limited because the designer does not reach him, does not give him his own know-how, but because the client has to be aware that everything has a cost, as does his product, and that you cannot give five euros in exchange for two. 


Creativity, if the investment is the right one, is not limited but adapted to the map of audiences we are targeting at any given time. This is not to limit ourselves, but to limit the final product to our client’s customer. 

The relationship between design and tourism is the same as that of design with all other areas. The final customer buys a product that is good because it is good, but to get to know it he needs it to enter through the eyes and for this there is nothing better than a good design. A good design is such if it is thought in function, I insist, of the final addressee, since that which is liked by a certain public may be rejected by another.

The key is to think about the user, his communicative, visual, textual and social language, to adapt to him, to win him in and from his own terrain.

How can an identity connect with the traveler?

Forgetting that “we want to sell to make money”, which is the goal of any company to focus on “feeling like a traveler”, to be one more of them, to focus on getting into them as a character, as actors do, and live it as they would live it. It is to put ourselves in their place and not to make them put themselves in ours.

Logitravel Fernandez Coca.png

Regarding your work with Logitravel’s image, how was the creative process? What is the intention behind the “mascot”? Does it have a name?

His name is Logi. It was a direct request from Ovidio Andrés, CEO of Logitravel. The process was a dynamic that started from my constant commitment to do something adapted to the client and the client’s client, while breaking the mold, something common in my work as a designer, teacher or director of communication.

How do you think the tourism sector can advance and improve hand in hand with the design industry? What are the trends and how will they influence tourism?

Trends? Forget about trends. Breaks new ground. Part of what everyone wants to see and turn it around. Be different with a head. Don’t promise the sky if you don’t have a single cloud in perspective. 

Everything, absolutely everything, advances because it is good and improves. The design only helps, in a key and very important way to achieve that these advances reach the users better and they end up buying that trip… that package… that excursion… that, all that, whatever we propose.

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