Increasing hotel website conversions

If your goal is to increase direct bookings on your hotel website, don't miss this post about the best tricks to get more conversions.

A modern and visual website inspires confidence

Your website must be modern if you want your potential client to trust you and book a wonderful vacation in your hotel. No one will give you their data if they don’t trust your website or if it appears to be abandoned. It is important that you keep your hotel’s website up to date.

Do not forget to purchase https encryption so that your customers do not doubt for a moment the security offered by your online hotel.


Another trick to get closer to the customer is to offer him your contact information in a very clear way. He must know that, if he wants to, he will be able to contact you quickly and easily. He must know that you are available to him.

Simplifies the purchasing process

Web best practices indicate that the user should be able to reach any point on your website in just three steps, in just three clicks. Make it easy, he wants to buy you, why don’t you let him?

Your “Book now” button must be visible at all times, no matter which section of your website the user is visiting. You may already be ready to book, don’t make him look for where to complete the purchase.

Pay special attention to the fact that your website is responsive, that is, accessible and adaptable to any mobile device. If it’s not, you’re losing conversions, you’re losing sales.

A responsive web design helps you to have more conversions on your hotel website.

Bookings made from mobile devices will reach a percentage of 35% in 2018, according to data cited by Hosteltur.

Content matters: videos, images and more videos.

We are visual and gossipy beings. Your customers like to see in an attractive and easy way what they can expect from their stay in your hotel. And even more important: what they can expect from your destination. To do so, it is important that you offer them quality content with a lot of image. Focus on the trends that define your company. target.

And what could be better than selling them your city and your services through a video?

The video marketing improves your conversions and adds value to your hotel website. In addition, a visual website ranks better in search engines such as Google.

 Video marketing will allow you to get more conversions on your hotel's web site

Don’t keep them waiting: reduce the loading time of your website

If there is one other thing we internet users have, it is little patience. Your web page must be fast when loading your information. For this purpose, it is important that you have a optimized hotel website and that you make good use of the images. If you want to improve the conversion of your website, don’t make your user wait.

Offers a value proposition that is impossible to refuse

Explain to your potential customer why they should book on your website instead of through a tour operator. What are you going to offer him? Be creative. Having a good segmented database of former customers and knowing your audience well will help you get it right. They can’t say no to you!

Remember that a website must be kept alive for the user to trust and enjoy browsing it. We hope these tips will help you improve your hotel website conversions.

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