Do you know the basics of Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a term that is not only fashionable, but is here to stay. But what's different about it? Find out in this post.

The Inbound Marketing works by empowering potential customers. Seeks to satisfy their needs by creating and sharing useful and relevant content (blogs), to be part of the conversation with the customer. In order to do Inbound Marketing you have to understand the Inbound Methodology. This diagram shows the essence of this methodology and divides it into 4 main stages.

Inbound Marketing Methodology

Each stage is accompanied by a series of tools that, although they are the most used and work best in each of the phases, they are not exclusive. It is a methodology that always keeps potential clients and customers in mind, and that relies on continuous and inherent analysis at each stage, to verify all the work.


What are the fundamentals of Inbound success?

It must be understood that consumers do not want to be sold to, but educated. To this end, there are a number of inbound tactics that can help create content that is more appropriate for them


Using buyer personas

By building a buyer persona(a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on real data and some educated speculation about demographics, behavioral patterns, motivations, goals and challenges) we better approximate the needs of prospects. To build it, we have to:

  1. Research through interviews in the industry (co-workers, good, bad and former customers), focusing questions on the why to discover what drives them.
  2. Identify trends based on prospect similarities, build as many buyer personas as necessary.
  3. Create profiles (Google images) of each one to be named and included:

Basic Information

Basic facts about the buyer persona’s role, key information about the buyer persona’s company.
Relevant basic information.


Gender, age range, household income (consider partner’s income if relevant).


Fashion words and customs.


Primary and secondary goals of the buyer persona.


Primary and secondary challenge for buyer persona success.

How we help

How you solve your buyer persona’s challenges and help them achieve their goals.

Common objections

Identify the most common objections that your buyer persona will comment on during the sales process.

Real Quotes

Include some real quotes (taken during interviews) that represent your buyer persona to make it easier for your employees to understand.


Using the Buyer’s Journey

Every interaction a company has with the buyer persona must be tailored to the buyer’s journey.
buyer’s journey
. The buyer’s journey is the active research process someone undertakes that leads to a purchase. It has three stages:

  1. Exploration: when the prospect has a problem or opportunity and seeks information to contextualize his situation.
  2. Consideration: once informed, you know the approaches and methods to resolve your situation.
  3. Decision: when you opt for a solution or strategy and can ultimately make the purchase.

It is essential that the marketer is willing to listen to your problems and not try to force sell your products. You have to prepare content for each stage and gain their trust by educating the buyer persona about their problems and the solutions.


Create remarkable content

Inbound-marketing is not understood without:

  1. Content: blogs, interactive tools, photos, infographics, videos, ebooks… that can attract, convert, close and delight.
  2. Context: for whom the tailored content is written at each stage of the journey.


Leverage content

Content must have visibility, its distribution is what gives it relevance. The right distribution technique allows content to be matched to the right person at the right time.


Now you know, if you want your business to advance, with this methodology you will obtain better results and more benefits. Accompany the customer in their buying process, offer them personalized content and become their referent. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!



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